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Apex Legends

It’s no surprise that Apex Legends is one of the most-played battle games ever. How many people are concurrently playing Apex Legends? We will find out in a bit!

The developers of this game, Respawn Entertainment, didn’t expect to get this huge traffic from players, but they will surely be excited at the game’s progress. Apex Legends was released back in February 2019. In this post, we will look at the number of people who play Apex Legends.

How Many People Are Playing Apex Legends Right Now?

Currently, over 1249,151 people are playing Apex Legends. Apex Legends’ player count is estimated to get over 16 million plays every week. Its all-time peak is 8,668,606 players.

The player count is expected to change as players can start and end their gaming sessions, depending on their time zones.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersPeak Players (All-Time)
Last 30 Days66,115,1204,407,675
July 202365,395,7674,359,718
June 202363,925,4814,261,699
May 202365,706,1174,380,408
April 202366,535,1444,435,676
March 202365,039,2424,335,949
February 202362,900,6214,193,375
January 202365,521,4804,368,099
December 202264,914,4878,655,265
November 202265,014,5458,668,606
October 202263,665,0148,488,669
September 202263,014,5458,401,939
August 202263,301,1468,440,153
July 202262,750,4498,366,727
June 202262,320,2258,309,363
May 202262,021,1468,269,486
April 202261,562,0168,208,269
March 202261,023,7708,136,503
February 202258,501,1557,800,154
January 202257,850,0147,713,335
December 202156,022,4797,603,021
November 202156,022,4797,469,664
October 202153,601,1427,146,819
September 202150,188,7916,691,839
August 202147,855,0166,380,669
July 202143,660,1445,821,353
June 202140,901,4465,453,526
May 202139,855,0165,314,002
April 202133,001,4754,400,197
March 202129,550,1493,940,020
February 202128,662,1043,821,614
January 202126,408,9723,521,196
December 202023,780,5433,170,739
November 202018,578,5492,477,140
October 202018,764,2584,065,589
September 202016,535,4563,380,318

In April 2021, Respawn announced that Apex Legends reached a total of 100 million players. This wouldn’t be a surprise since the game is available on mobile platforms, including Nintendo Switch and Steam. Right now, it is estimated that Apex Legends has garnered over 140 million registered players.

Apex Legends is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC Windows. The top countries playing Apex Legends include:

  • United States.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Russia.
  • Brazil.
  • China.

About Apex Legends

Apex Legends is a first-person shooter game created by Respawn Entertainment. The game is a free online squad-style battle royale game and was released on 4th February 2019. At the time of release, Apex Legends was made available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

Apex Legends features elements from other genre games and has received praise for its intriguing scenes and gameplay. The game gives you various characters with different skills, strengths, personalities, and abilities to explore. As a player, you want to test your character’s abilities and use them to defeat the enemy.

Once you select your preferred character, you can collaborate with two other characters to start the game. You can also collaborate with other teams and ensure your squad is the last one standing. The game objective is to fight the enemy squad till your team is the only squad left.

The game starts when you fly over the Apex Legends map. Your quest begins when your team finds a landing spot. At this point, you must attack the enemies and collect their loot, such as accessories, armor, weapons, etc. You will be crowned the winner when your team finishes as the last survivors.

The game features a multiplayer game that supports up to 20 teams, with 3 players in each squad. The three players in each squad are called “Legends”. Apex Legends is fun and gives you enough room to play or collaborate with friends and family.

Players can boost their Player Level by earning XP (in-game tokens) after playing matches. Players get rewards like Legend Tokens, Apex Pack, or both whenever they level up.

Apex Legends doesn’t have a solo mode, and if that is what you are looking to play, you won’t find it there. Another drawback is that it doesn’t support offline mode, so you can’t play any mode without an internet connection.

Apex Legends Player Count

How To Play Apex Legends

Playing Apex Legends can be confusing, especially if you are a first-timer, because you don’t know which character is best and which landing spot is perfect.

There are over eight legends in Apex Legends, including:

  • Gibraltar.
  • Wraith.
  • Bloodhound.
  • Mirage.
  • Lifeline.
  • Caustic.
  • Bangalore.
  • Pathfinder.

Once you pick your legend, every team member will pick a different one. If you want to be a pro in this game, you have to start with a legend and learn the abilities and skills of your character. Every legend has three abilities, and learning to use these special abilities will help you defeat the enemy.

For the map, you can start with the Kings Canyon map because it is small and easy to grasp. The map doesn’t appear complex and should be easy to get acquainted with. Also, communicating with other teammates can help you become victorious in Apex Legends.

We will continue to update the Apex Legends player count every month. In the meantime, you can consider checking the player count of other games below.

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