How to Install AtlasVPN on FireStick

How To Install Atlas VPN on FireStick

Installing a VPN on your Firestick can help secure your online identity and activity. If you are using your Firestick to stream movies on the internet, installing AtlasVPN can help you access online content seamlessly.

Atlas VPN is a beginner-friendly VPN available on the Amazon App Store for FireStick and FireTV devices. VPNs are popular for many reasons; they hide your original IP address and protect your internet traffic.

Furthermore, they can help bypass geo-restrictions and limitations on streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, DAZN, etc., making them increasingly popular among users. This article will show you how to set up Atlas VPN on your FireStick.

About AtlasVPN

With plenty of VPN apps on the market, it may be difficult to find a reliable VPN service for your device. Atlas VPN is ideal for anyone struggling to find a high-quality VPN service. Atlas VPN has over 700+ servers across 40 countries, with most servers in the United States and some parts of Europe.

AtlasVPN has different plans and packages for prospective subscribers. They offer free and paid plans; the free version gives you access to three countries: the United States, Australia, and Japan. However, the free version is limited as it offers fewer servers and lacks advanced features.

On the flip side, the premium plan is quite affordable and won’t cost much, as you get what you pay for. The premium plan is risk-free because it is backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if you are not happy using Atlas VPN on your device, you can request a refund.

Why Choose Atlas VPN?

With various VPN providers and brands out there, each with distinct characteristics, features, prices, and benefits, picking one to use on your smart devices could be challenging.

Atlas VPN offers many benefits over some VPN providers. You can get the best out of your streaming and internet activities by using AtlasVPN service.

Some of the benefits you will enjoy from using AtlasVPN include the following:

1. Fast Servers

AtlasVPN doesn’t only offer numerous servers in different countries, and their servers are super-fast. You can stream in 4K without experiencing lag, latency, or buffering issues.

2. SafeSwap Servers

Atlas VPN features SafeSwap servers, which allow you to use different IP addresses simultaneously, making you completely anonymous on the internet.

While other VPN providers provide you with a VPN server, you may be sharing an IP with other people using the same server, and if that IP is blacklisted from certain streaming sites, you will find it hard to unblock their content.

However, with AtlasVPN, you can swap and choose different IP addresses, which makes it extremely difficult for ISPS, government authorities, snoopers, hackers, and surveillance agencies to track your location or monitor your internet activity.

3. Data Breach Monitoring

The AtlasVPN Data Breach Monitor secures and encrypts your web traffic, making it difficult for anyone to snoop or find out what you are doing online.

It protects sensitive and confidential information such as your username, email address, password, payment information, address, social security number, and other private information.

4. Zero Logging

AtlasVPN has a strict no-logs policy, meaning they do not save or store logs of your online activity. With this feature, you have peace of mind and 100% privacy since you know your internet activity is not saved.

5. Tracker Blocker

Online advertisers are tracking your every move to know your internet activity and preferences and bombard you with all sorts of adverts.

AtlasVPN has a Tracker Blocker feature that prevents data brokers from using trackers to collect your online information. The Atlas VPN Tracker Blocker system ensures a safe and anonymous internet experience.

6. Top-grade Security

AtlasVPN uses industry-standard encryption and protocols, including WireGuard and IPSec/IKEv2, which ensures increased online security and privacy.

7. No Restrictions

Unlike other VPN providers, Atlas VPN has no bandwidth restrictions, data caps, or limitations.

You can connect as many devices as you want, including your TVs, gaming consoles, computers, monitors, phones, and Firestick devices, because it doesn’t limit how many devices you can connect simultaneously.

8. Easy To Use

AtlasVPN is easy to use and simple to set up on any device. With AtlasVPN installed on your Fire TV Stick device, you can easily bypass geo-blocks and restrictions and watch your favorite movies, TV shows, channels, and more from any streaming website of your choice.

Installing a VPN on your gaming console, smartphone, firestick, or any internet device is an ideal way to secure it. Atlas VPN offers great features you may not find on any random VPN provider. This page will show you how to install AtlasVPN on your Firestick.

How To Install Atlas VPN on Firestick

Atlas VPN can be found on the Amazon App Store, so you can install it directly without sideloading it or using a third-party app to download and install it on your Fire TV device.

Follow the steps below to install the AtlasVPN app on your Firestick device.

  • Step 1: First of all, ensure to create an Atlas VPN account here. You will use your account credentials to access the VPN network and connect to any AtlasVPN servers.
  • Step 2: Confirm if your Firestick is connected to your TV. Also, ensure that you have a strong internet connection.
  • Step 3: Go to your Firestick home screen.
  • Step 4: Click on Find from the menu options.
  • Step 5: Click on Search.
  • Step 6: Use the on-screen keyboard feature to make a search for Atlas VPN.
  • Step 7: Select the Atlas VPN app from the search results.
  • Step 8: Click the Get or Download icon to download and install Atlas VPN on your Fire TV Stick device.
How To Install AtlasVPN on FireStick
  • Step 9: Once the app is installed, click the Open icon to launch it.
  • Step 10: Log in to your AtlasVPN account using the credentials you used when signing up.
  • Step 11: Select any server of your choice.
  • Step 12: Click the Connect button to connect to the server.
  • Step 13: If you want to disable or stop using the VPN, click the Disconnect button.

How To Install and Setup AtlasVPN on Android

Does Atlas VPN work on Android

 You can download the app from the Google Play Store if you want to use AtlasVPN on your Android smartphone. Follow these steps to install Atlas VPN on your Android phone:

  • Step 1: Click Here To Get Atlas VPN.
  • Step 2: Open the Google Play Store app on your Android device.
  • Step 3: Search for Atlas VPN.
  • Step 4: Click on the Install button to start installing the app.
  • Step 5: Once the installation is complete, you will find the Atlas VPN in your phone’s list of installed apps.
  • Step 6: Launch the app.
  • Step 7: You need an Atlas VPN app to connect to their VPN servers. If you don’t have an account, click here to get a subscription and select a plan that meets your needs.
  • Step 8: Now that you have an account and an active premium subscription plan, log in to your Atlas VPN account.
  • Step 9: Go to Settings.
  • Step 10: Select My Account.
  • Step 11: Click on Sign In.
  • Step 12: Type in your email address and click the Proceed button.
  • Step 13: A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provided. You will see the confirmation message if you have access to your email. Open it when you find it, and press ‘Confirm‘ to log in.
  • Step 14: Once you log in, you will see your account information and subscription details.
  • Step 15: Now, you can connect to your VPN server. There are two ways to connect to a VPN server from the Atlas VPN interface. When you click the Quick Connect button, you will be connected to a random sever. Another way is to select a specific country and choose any server from the list of servers in that country.
  • Step 16: Once connected to a server, you will see the server’s location next to the connection button.
  • Step 17: On the left area of the interface, there are two server categories; ‘Streaming Servers’ and ‘All Servers’.
  • Step 18: To confirm if you are connected to a server, check your IP on the internet, and it will show you your current IP address and location.
  • Start 19: Start Streaming.

What Are The Best Alternatives To Atlas VPN?

Some of the best alternatives you can try or swap for Atlas VPN are:

Frequently Asked Questions

Does My FireStick Need a VPN?

If you are using or own a Firestick, it is imperative to know your streaming activity can be tracked or monitored by your ISP,  the government, snoopers, and hackers. Hence, anyone can see your web traffic and know what you are doing on the internet. So, if you are watching movies on any free streaming website, it will be seen.

However, using a VPN encrypts your internet activity and hides your real IP address. In that way, no individual or agency will know what you are doing on the internet but yourself.

Most importantly, many binge-watchers and cord-cutters like you use a VPN to bypass geo-restrictions to access their favorite streaming content and channels. Hence, a VPN will come in handy while using a VPN.

Is Atlas VPN Worth It?

Atlas VPN is a reliable VPN provider that you can consider using. AtlasVPN shields your online activity and gives you 100% online protection. Moreover, it unblocks content on various streaming platforms around the world.

Is Atlas VPN Free To Use?

Atlas VPN is a premium VPN provider, which makes it one of the best VPNs. They have a free plan, which you can use on any device you own, including Android and iOS devices, Windows, macOS, and others.

However, you can’t use the Atlas VPN free plan on Fire TV devices. You must get a premium subscription to use Atlas VPN on your Fire TV Stick devices. We recommend you ignore using free VPNs on your FireStick and invest in a high-quality, premium VPN service instead.

Why Should I Subscribe To a Premium VPN Provider?

While subscribing to a free VPN can be enticing, it makes more sense to invest in a premium VPN, which is reliable and a better option. Unlike free VPNs, you won’t experience slower server speeds or get fewer servers in premium VPN providers.

Atlas VPN’s premium subscribers enjoy many benefits and advantages that those using the free version don’t get.

When you use the Atlas VPN premium plan, you are sure to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Access to over 700+ servers in up to 45 different locations.
  • Fast servers that are well-optimized for streaming.
  • 24/7 live support.
  • No data cap.
  • Strict no-logs policy.
  • Unlimited simultaneous connections.
  • Advanced privacy and security features include SafeSwap servers, SafeBrowse, and Data Breach Monitor.

How Many Devices Can I Connect to AtlasVPN At The Same Time?

There is no limit to the number of services you can connect to your Atlas VPN subscription. You can connect all your devices, including your computers, routers, gaming consoles, Fire TV, smart TV, and smart home devices at the same time.

Additionally, Atlas VPN has native apps for iOS devices, Android devices, Android TVs, macOS, Windows, Amazon FireStick, and Fire TV devices.

Is AtlasVPN Compatible With Smart TVs?

AtlasVPN has apps for Android TV and Amazon Firestick devices, excluding the 1st and 2nd generation Fire TV modes. However, they do not support Roku. See this guide to see how to install Atlas VPN on Roku.

Can I Use Atlas VPN on Netflix?

Netflix is very smart enough to detect VPN connections, and some users have had their accounts closed for using a VPN to unblock content on the Netflix library. However, Atlas VPN is compatible with Netflix and can be used to unblock content in other streaming providers.

You can watch your favorite content undetected and your favorite TV shows and channels in your region and other regions without any restrictions.


Atlas VPN is ideal for you if you need more than a VPN for FireStick alone. With AtlasVPN, you can secure and protect all the devices you own.

Despite being in the VPN industry for a few years, Atlas VPN has improved immensely and will be among the top VPN providers in no time.

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