Can You Get Drafts Back After Deleting Tiktok?

Can You Get Drafts Back After Deleting Tiktok

TikTok videos are only available for free on the internet once they have been released, not before. TikTok users cannot switch between devices and continue modifying their drafts because they are saved locally on the device.

When a user opens the app on another device and joins in with the same account, they will know they won’t be able to access the draft because it is only stored on one device. That’s why finishing the editing process is critical as submitting the TikTok video on the same device that posted the original video.

Creating TikTok videos can be as simple or complicated as the user chooses. The option to store drafts allows content creators to make changes later as long as they can locate them. Finding TikTok-drafted videos isn’t difficult.

Every day, thousands of TikTokers publish their clips on TikTok. This approach aids the app in acquiring many users who appreciate TikTok videos and generating likes. Because of the platform’s rapid viral nature, the more innovative the posted video is, the more people will see it. This means that the video will take longer to finish than in other circumstances, and the draft option will be helpful in this situation.

If you’re a frequent Tiktok user, you’ve probably encountered the situation when you mistakenly erase a draught, or your device is missing certain files that you wish to recover from your backup. You may want to save a copy and make changes before uploading a video to Tiktok. So, if your drafts mysteriously vanish, it’s not a good sign. As a result, you might be interested in learning how to recover deleted drafts on Tiktok.

Fortunately, there are various methods for recovering deleted TikTok videos that might assist you. You’ll learn how to recover TikTok draft videos in this post.

What are Tiktok Draft Videos?

Tiktok drafts are videos or Tiktok content that will be published or are just warm-ups for the actual content. In simple terms, TikTok drafts are content saved on the user’s device and waiting to be uploaded. These are the original concepts posted to TikTok’s platform in video format, and they serve as the foundation for the creator’s later implementation or development of the idea.

As a result, these versions should be stored for future use until the intended information is uploaded to TikTok. This article is focused on teaching how to recover these drafts if they are accidentally deleted.

It is also important to note that TikTok drafts are preserved and will be available until they are published or deleted.

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Causes of Deleted Drafts on TikTok

Some common reasons or causes can cause drafts to be removed. Some of them are:

  • Videos that haven’t been saved: After recording a video on the app, you may forget to post or save it. As a result, double-check that you’ve uploaded or stored the video you just shot on the Tiktok app.
  • Problems with the Network: It’s possible that your phone encountered a network difficulty when uploading the video, leaving you with no drafts or uploaded video. So, before you post any of your videos to Tiktok, ensure you have a stable internet connection.
  • Bugs in the App: Your application may have a bug due to a missed update or corrupted files. So, to avoid any software-related bugs, keep your Tik Tok app up to date at all times.
  • Power Turning Off Suddenly: Data loss might occur if your phone resets or stops working while uploading a video. As a result, ensure your phone is fully charged, and you are not accidentally pushing any of the buttons.
  • Video corruption: If the video is saved on your pc, it has likely been corrupted or destroyed by mistake.
  • Other errors: A third-party program, an incomplete video transfer, storage formatting, and so on are other reasons for data loss.

How to Recover TikTok Draft Videos

There is a solution to every problem. Deleting your drafts or not being able to find your drafts is not the end; there is still hope. The following are some ways to get your drafts back.

  • Look Through the Device’s Gallery: After you make a video on TikTok, we have the option of posting it or saving it as a draft. The video will be saved in your device’s Gallery > TikTok folder if you hit the “Drafts” button. Also, ensure that the “Save to Album” option is turned on. Now look for the TikTok folder and the stored drafts video within it.
  • Recover from ‘My Favourite Videos’: TikTok has a separate area for the videos we like by default. If you have already “liked” the video, you can retrieve it by following these steps. If you’ve tried unsuccessfully to locate a draft in a video uploaded to your gallery, we suggest recovering it this way.
  • Tap “My Profile” in the bottom right-hand corner after starting the TikTok app on your phone.
  • Simply tap the heart below your profile after you’ve opened your profile page.
  • Locate the draft and click on it to open it.
  • To retrieve TikTok drafts, press on the video currently playing and then pick Save Video.

I’d want to point out that if you’ve already erased the draft from your favorites, this method won’t work.

  • Retrieve Deleted Drafts from an SD Card: Deleted Drafts on an SD Card Can Be Recovered. Some users keep their videos on the attached SD card in addition to the device’s internal storage. In this scenario, you can use an SD card recovery program to restore TikTok draft videos. You may also recover your SD card videos with Recoverit Video Recovery. Run Recoverit after inserting your “SD card” into your phone. Select “External device,” and you’ll be able to see all the videos on the card after a few seconds.

On the other hand, suppose the SD card is already in your phone and is working properly. In that situation, you can restore the external storage folder by carefully going through it.

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