How To Change or Replace The Stylus On Your AT-LP60 Needle

Hi, I’m Harry and I’m here to talk about the LP60 phono cartridge. It is a stylus for a vinyl record. They were a lot of questions and concerns regarding this item, so I did a lot of research and tried out things that can help you. In this video, you will learn how to change or replace the stylus on the Audio Technica LP60 cartridge.

The Audio Technica needle is one of the most popular needles for turntables. It’s also one of the easiest to change or replace if you need to do so.

Changing the stylus needle of your AT-LP60 USB Turntable is as easy as changing your bedsheets. When you’re ready to replace your Audio Technica needle, you need to know what type of needle it is first. To find out, check your turntable owner’s manual. Look in the back at the diagram that shows the parts of your turntable, often called a tonearm or automatic phonograph. Getting a new needle is tough, but replacing your needle shouldn’t be. Here’s the rundown:

Firstly, grab the body of the stylus and rock it downwards. While rocking it in a downward position, take off the stylus body tab completely from the bottom of the cartridge.

How To Change The Stylus On Your AT LP60 Needle

Just before you install a new ATN3600L stylus, take cognizance of the slot on the bottom of the cartridge and the tab on the body of the stylus. While holding the side of the stylus body, put the tab on the stylus inside the slot on the bottom of the cartridge.

Next, place the tab in the slot and turn the stylus body upwards. You should be cautious and very careful not to touch the needle in this step. Snap the stylus body into its right place. Ensure that there is no gap between the headshell and the top of the stylus body. Doing this will help you know whether the stylus is properly seated in the cartridge or not.

When should I change my Audio Technica cartridge?

The Audio Technica entry-level and middle-end styles have an average lifespan of over 12 days (300 hours); if they are properly maintained. To ensure top-notch audio reproduction, you are recommended to replace your style at least once a year for all-around home use.

How do I know what Audio Technica cartridge I have?

By the time you get the turntable, you should be able to know whether the stylus is OEM or aftermarket after having a look at its bottom. Typically, the OEM will have the AT logo whereas the aftermarket will not.

How can I replace my Audio Technica cartridge?

How To Replace The Stylus On Your AT-LP60 Needle

If you want to change or replace your Audio Technica cartridge, hold the stylus body from the front and then pull down from the stylus’ top towards the turntable. Now, the stylus body will begin to come loose.

By the time it becomes unhinged, carefully drag the stylus towards you. Pay careful attention to the hook at the end when switching over to your new stylus.

Can you change the cartridge on at LP60?

The cartridge is paired to the headshell and therefore cannot be changed.

How do I change my ATN95E stylus?

Follow the steps below to replace or change an ATN95E stylus:

1. Flip the headshell over and find the flanges that thrust from either side of the ATN95e’s green body.

2. Apply light pressure but enough to hold the flanges. Now, pull the stylus off the cartridge.

3. If you want to attach a new stylus to your ATN95E, just follow the instructions but in reverse order.

How often should I replace my turntable stylus?

You may be wondering to know when a turntable stylus needs to be changed or placed. Generally, most manufacturers recommend that you change your stylus when it gets around 1000 hours of record playing time.

That means if you are using your turntable for one hour or so every day on average, it will be great to change the stylus after a few years.

How can I know when my turntable needle is bad?

You can know if your turntable needle is bad by inspecting it and looking around for potential signs of damage. The turntable needle should have a sharp tip to properly track on a vinyl record. If the needle tip is too dull, the point of the stylus will begin to rub against the walls of the groove and this will give the audio an abrasive sound.

Can you replace the stylus on a moving coil cartridge?

Moving magnet cartridges wear out and become damaged from time to time, so it is required for them to be replaced. By the time a moving coil stylus wears out due to continued use, you should consider getting a replacement.

Are all turntable needles the same?

Record player needles are nonuniversal, which means that every record player out there uses a specific type of needle. Sometimes, it is likely to replace a record player needed with another needle-type but that will only work if the new needle is compatible with the original record player stylus.

The record player needle is also referred to as the record player stylus.

How do I know the right needle for my turntable?

If you are not sure of what needle to get for your turntable, try to view the end of your turntable’s tonearm, which is the part you lift and place on the vinyl to play your music tracks.

Once you see screws getting upon the cartridge to the end of the arm, you should replace the cartridge. If you don’t see any screw mounting the cartridge, then you only have to replace the stylus.

What does a bad record needle sound like?

how to know a turntable needle is bad

If you want to know if your record needle is bad, pay attention to the sound it creates. If you hear a hiss or static weird sound that isn’t recorded in the song or album, then it is time for you to replace the stylus. Excess sibilance (too many ‘sss’ sounds by vocalists) is a warning that there might be something wrong with the needle.

Why is my record skipping?

Typically, one of the common reasons why your records are skipped is due to the presence of debris, dirt, and dust in the grooves. It may happen on old records as a consequence of the place it is kept, or on paper sleeves or dust around the environment.

In addition, new records can have dirt or dust as well. Therefore, make it a culture to remove any dirt or dirt from the record before playing it to avoid skipping.

Why does my needle slide across the record?

If the stylus needle slides across the record, then it is likely that the record may be dirty or the turntable may not be level. Make sure that you don’t clean your stylus with your forefinger or fingertip. Rather, use a fluid stylus cleaner to do the work and ensure the stylus is slightly moist.

Can a dirty record damage a stylus?

Dirty records are not only bad for your record but are also bad for your stylus. The constant playing of dirty records will wear away your stylus to the point that it needs to be replaced.

What is inner groove distortion?

Inner groove distortion is a natural part of a record. It refers to an audible, palpable distortion that comes nearer to the end of a record. In other words, the closer you get to the end of a record, the more compressed the music becomes, and the stylus doesn’t have enough time to trace the grooves.

What stylus is on the LP120?

The Audio-Technica LP120 is built with the ATN95E stylus.

Should I keep the stylus cover on?

There is no reason why you shouldn’t have some form of cover on the stylus. Most times, it helps to keep dirt and dust out and it could help guard the stylus if there are pets or kids around.

How do I know if my cartridge is MC or MM?

In a stereo cartridge, you can find two sets of coils and pins representing the negative and positive poles at each end. When there is a presence of a magnet around, the MM creates a signal. However, the MC goes the opposite direction as the coils of wire move in a sideward position while the magnet stays where it is.

Can you put any stylus needle on a record player?

It is worthy to note that not all needles are the right fit for your record player. This is because all record players come in different sizes and shapes, so you would want to ensure that you get the appropriate needle for your model. The easiest way to know the type of needle you need is to see the serial number on the cartridge.

How can I adjust the stylus pressure?

It is relatively easy to adjust the stylus pressure. To set it, turn the anti-skating knob to 0. Now, rotate the weight on the back until the arm is in balance and is likely to stay parallel to the base. After that, turn the loose reticle on the weight up to 0 and line up with the mark on the arm.


When your needle drops out or starts skipping, try another needle. Not only the brand, but the specific model number of the needle should be identical to the one you are replacing. The Audio Technica ATN3600L stylus is compatible with AT-LP60 and will fit the LP60 turntable. If you were to use a lower grade needle, the audio quality would suffer and could lead to repetitive wear on the record as well.

If your needle is no longer working, it is time to replace it. Replace the needle and enable the turntable (if not already enabled), and then listen to your favorite vinyl albums. As you listen to each album, be sure to clean the record player before playing the next one in order to maintain the integrity of your records. Learning how to change or replace a needle on an Audio Technica turntable is just part of taking care of your valuable records.

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