Clash of Clans Player Count

Clash of Clans Player Count

Clash of Clans is one of the most popular mobile games. It was created by Supercell and is played by millions of people on iOS and Android devices.

On this page, you will discover the Clash of Clans player count. So if you want to know how many people play Clash of Clans, you must read this guide.

How Many People Are Playing Clash of Clans Right Now?

There are over 637,335 people playing Clash on Clans concurrently on all available devices, which includes Android smartphone devices and iOS devices (iPad and iPhone).

See the monthly player count for Clash of Clans below:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days78,737,5825,249,172
October 202381,677,9905,445,199
September 202387,262,8105,817,521
August 202391,952,3816,130,159
July 202390,149,3936,009,960
June 202393,419,0606,227,937
May 202397,078,9366,471,929
April 202394,282,5176,285,501
March 202397,702,0906,513,473
February 202395,040,9436,336,063
January 202396,980,5556,465,370
December 202296,880,7766,458,718
November 202297,105,5856,473,706
October 202297,588,0566,505,870
September 202298,102,4456,540,163
August 202298,487,1366,565,809
July 202298,050,1146,536,674
June 2022100,125,4496,675,030
May 2022103,655,5006,910,367
April 2022105,658,7467,043,916
March 2022110,985,0227,399,001
February 2022113,566,8047,571,120
January 2022115,066,3147,671,088
December 2021116,705,5447,780,370
November 2021117,302,1447,820,143
October 2021119,588,0167,972,534
September 2021118,602,2577,906,817
August 2021125,066,5078,337,767
July 2021129,011,3658,600,758
June 2021128,221,4048,548,094
May 2021130,144,7598,676,317
April 2021128,660,1468,577,343
March 2021133,014,9908,867,666
February 2021132,565,5408,837,703
January 2021135,458,8309,030,589
December 2020138,240,0009,216,000
November 2020146,055,5419,737,036
October 2020141,135,0009,409,000
September 2020139,738,2009,315,880
August 2020131,410,9445,256,438
July 2020145,222,7827,745,215
June 2020146,689,1095,867,564
May 2020149,622,8916,483,659
April 2020152,615,3496,104,614
March 2020135,034,6595,851,502
February 2020150,798,1796,534,588
January 2020132,131,4146,606,571
December 2019128,181,3805,554,526
November 2019120,503,8504,820,154
October 2019102,745,3884,452,300
September 201996,626,3294,187,141
August 201975,883,1773,794,159
July 201998,424,9443,936,998
June 201984,598,5833,665,939
May 201975,372,8853,266,158
April 201999,131,7294,956,586

While Clash of Clans is available in all countries, the top countries playing the game are:

  • United States.
  • Turkey.
  • China.
  • Germany.
  • Russia.
  • United Kingdom.

About Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is a free-to-play mobile game played on iOS and Android. Players in Clash of Clans are the village heads, so if you play the game, you will be made the village chief.

As the village head, the player is to build a town using the resources such as elixir and gold. These resources can be acquired after fighting against other villages in a clan war. Gem is the in-game currency, which can be obtained using real currency. After obtaining gems, you can use them to improve your army’s level and your infrastructure.

Each clan has a maximum of fifty people. By fighting other clans, your clan can claim many resources, including elixir, gold, and dark elixir. Gold and elixir will help you buy builders, upgrade your building, and train and improve your troops, ensuring your game’s survival.

To survive in this game, you must have enough gold and elixir. Having sufficient gold and elixir will keep your buildings. Your buildings serve as storage for gold and elixir; if your buildings aren’t well protected, you may lose the gold and elixir when the enemy troops attack your base.

One of the most powerful troops you can use in Clash of Clans is the Dragons. When you get to Town Hall 7 in the game, you will get a dark elixir, which allows you to upgrade and train dark elixir troops.

Clash of Clans has a multiplayer and a single-player mode where players can attack and go to war with other villages. In the multiplayer campaign, players can join and set up their clans. The game allows players to train troops and organize attacks on enemy troops and clans.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Clash of Clans Free To Play?

Clash of Clans uses a freemium model and is free to play on all available platforms.

Where Can I Play Clash of Clans?

You can play Clash of Clans on your Android or iOS device.

Clash of Clans is a great game. The developer, Supercell, has developed many great games, including Clash Royale, Boom Beach, Brawl Stars, and Hayday. We will update this post every month to enable you to keep track of the latest Clash of Clans player count.

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