Goose Goose Duck Player Count

Goose Goose Duck Player Count

Goose Goose Duck has been around for years but blew up suddenly. This has made people wonder to know the reason for the sudden interest and popularity of the game.

Not many games start on a good note; Among Us is one of the video games that didn’t start well but eventually became a hit. It has a grass-to-grace story, as it was featured in the Glass Onion movie and got the attention of United States Congresswoman AOC, who also played it on Twitch. As of 2022, Among Us’ registered players had surpassed 150 million.

Like Among Us, Goose Goose Duck was launched some years ago but didn’t gather much attention until recently. The game didn’t get enough traction at the time of release but is doing well at the moment.

Goose Goose Duck is played by hundreds of thousands of people. It peaked at 701,898 concurrent players on Steam. The current player population takes it closer to popular games like PUBG, Apex Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive, and Modern Warfare.

If you are here to see the Goose Goose Duck player count, this article will show you the number of people concurrently playing the game.

How Many People Are Playing Goose Goose Duck?

At the moment, there are 6,388 people playing Goose Goose Duck on all supported platforms.

SteamCharts reports that Goose Goose Duck has an all-time peak of 701,898 players. See the Goose Goose Duck monthly player count from Steam below:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days7,006.024,273
October 20237,547.628,431
September 20237,452.024,241
August 20238,405.525,212
July 20238,722.028,512
June 202310,875.942,019
May 202313,725.259,266
April 202322,058.4108,946
March 202334,640.7189,672
February 202373,354.5349,402
January 2023121,553.7701,898
December 202261,446.1414,978
November 20224,347.952,934
October 20221,613.36,056
September 20221,678.18,927
August 20222,139.27,095
July 20222,015.76,677
June 20222,031.37,909
May 20222,167.88,627
April 20222,697.210,872
March 20223,771.118,019
February 20224,939.421,362
January 20223,494.715,973
December 20211,762.05,847
November 20211,318.25,223
October 2021994.45,223
September 2021578.02,196
August 2021463.51,124
July 2021282.2721
June 2021326.0888
May 2021199.1766

The top countries playing Goose Goose Duck include:

  • China.
  • United States.
  • The Republic of Korea.
  • Thailand.
  • Taiwan.

About Goose Goose Duck

Goose Goose Duck is an online multiplayer puzzle video game where players try to identify the one amongst them who is a duck. It was developed by Gaggle Studios. From the game’s puzzle tasks, you can tell that it was inspired by Among Us.

However, some features help distinguish Goose Goose Duck from Among Us. One of these features is the number of times the game offers. These numbers are optional and can be configured when needed.

The player-controlled geese are given several tasks to complete. One of these tasks is to find the one among them who is a duck.

Goose Goose Duck offers various game modes, such as;

  • Classic.
  • Classic+.
  • Dine & Dash.
  • Goose Hunt.
  • Trick ‘n’ Treat.

You can customize by geese by adding t-shirts, hats, craftable cosmetics, pets, and farting sounds.

Goose Goose Duck is a puzzle converted into a multiplayer video game. It’s unlikely that this puzzle game will be one of the most popular games on the planet, but here we have it. With the rising player population of the game, Goose Goose Duck is projected to stay around much longer.

If you want to keep track of the Goose Goose Duck player count, endeavor to visit this page constantly, as we update the post regularly. That said, consider seeing other posts below.

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