How Many Reports on Snapchat Can Delete an Account?

How Many Reports on Snapchat Can Delete an Account

Just like every other social network, there are community rules and guidelines that you must abide by to continue using them. A simple violation of these guidelines can get you kicked out and your account deleted; Snapchat is no exception.

Whenever someone opens a Snapchat account, they are told to read the terms and conditions and pledge to abide by them. Unfortunately, many of us skip this during registrations. However, they are very important and should not be violated at any point.

If, at any point, you see that a Snapchat user is violating or has already violated some of these policies, you should report them. It could be the content posted or even the account breaching the guidelines; report this as soon as you notice it.

However, the Snapchat account will not get deleted immediately after you report it. It has to go through a process before the account or content is deleted by Snapchat. Do you want to know how long this takes? I will show you in the next paragraph.

How Long Does It Takes To Ban a Snapchat Account After Reporting It?

A Snapchat user breaches the community guidelines, and you already reported it. You might be wondering why the account has not been banned yet. As I mentioned earlier, deleting or banning a Snapchat account is not a straightforward process and might take some time.

Usually, it takes three reports for Snapchat to delete an account. In other words, you must report an account at least three times before Snapchat can ban it. However, the ban will depend on the reason behind the report.

They send the report to their moderators whenever you report an account or content on Snapchat. The moderators will review the content or account that has been reported. If it is found guilty of violating the guidelines, the user will get the first warning.

Peradventure, the user is reported again, and Snapchat moderators will once again visit the content or account that has been reported. If the user is found guilty of violating the community guidelines again, they will get a second warning. The second warning is usually the last before a ban.

If the same user gets reported and is also found guilty for the third time, there will not be a third warning. At this point, the account will get banned or deleted. The user will no longer have access to their account on Snapchat. There is no solution to this.

When Should You Report a Snapchat Account?

You should not report a Snapchat account just because you feel like it; there must be a valid reason behind your action. I have compiled a list to guide you on when to report a Snapchat account.

1. When a user violates the guidelines

As I mentioned earlier, Snapchat has a lot of guidelines described in its terms and conditions. If at any time you notice that a user violates any of these rules, you have every right to report the account immediately.

2. Bully accounts

As you use Snapchat, you might come across some users who utilize their accounts to spread hatred. These accounts regularly bully others online. When you notice this, you should report it immediately.

Bully accounts also include those that use their accounts to spread false information, defame other people or their businesses, harm the mental health of other users, and many more. Don’t hesitate to report such accounts.

3. Inappropriate content

Snapchat kicks against posting inappropriate content on its platform. It is boldly written in its terms and conditions. If you ever come across any account using the platform to promote and share inappropriate content, it is best to report it instantly.

4. Scam accounts

Even though Snapchat kicks against this, it is very common on the app. It is up to you to report these accounts when you see traces of fraudulent activities. It could be you who has been scammed or someone else; make sure you report the account to save another user from falling victim.

5. Fake accounts

If you are a celebrity or a big personality, some people might try to create Snapchat accounts in your name. You should report the account immediately whenever you notice or see someone who has opened a fake Snapchat account. The account deletion for such cases might not even take up to 3 warnings.

What Happens When a Snapchat Account Is Reported?

Just as I mentioned, Snapchat won’t just go straight to delete an account after a report. The user must be guilty of the report before it can be a strike or warning. After two warnings, the account gets deleted. However, if the report is not valid, it is discarded.

Furthermore, Snapchat will delete an account when it violates its policies and might involve law enforcement agencies in cases of criminal activities. For example, a user involved in fraudulent acts will be banned from using Snapchat and reported to nearby law agencies.

How To Report a Snapchat Account?

Reporting a Snapchat account is very easy and fast. However, you should ensure they have violated the Snapchat community guidelines before reporting them. To report a Snapchat account, follow the procedure below;

  • Open Snapchat and go to the user’s chat screen
  • Press and hold the user’s name
  • From the list of options, select “Manage Friendship” and tap “Report.”

Wrapping Up

You agree that reporting a Snapchat account does not lead to a ban as fast as you might have thought. To make the ban faster, you should monitor the account and the contents they post. Whenever you see something else that violates the rules, report them immediately.

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