How to Clean a Gaming Mouse

how to clean a gaming mouse

Do you know that you may be touching the dirtiest thing each time you play your game? Your mouse, probably what you pay less attention to, can be full of dirt and grime.

In fact, a particular Guardian study shows that the average computer gaming desk has about 400 times more bacteria than the average toilet seat.

And to be more precise, the study shows that the gaming mouse has a whopping 1,676 microbes per square inch.

While these may sound daunting to get rid of, it is very interesting that it only takes a proper cleaning to keep your mouse free from dirt and grime.

Cleaning your gaming mouse will not only add to your smooth gaming performance but also extend the life of your mouse and your health.

In the next 4 minutes, this post will walk you through a step-by-step process on how to clean your gaming mouse.

You will also learn how to easily and properly clean the wireless mouse, laser mouse, white mouse, mouse buttons, and mouse wheels.

To start with, what are the things you need to clean your gaming mouse?

Mouse Cleaning Tools

The steps I am going to show you are 100% practical and DIY approaches. The following are what you will need while cleaning your gaming mouse:

  • Microfiber cloth: These are HIGHLY recommended because Microfiber cloth will not leave behind fibers unlike other pieces of cloth. You can also opt for Q-tip, especially for hard-to-reach spots.
  • Isopropyl alcohol or Disinfectant Wipes: Using just water is not effective enough. When it comes to sanitizing, nothing beats Alcohol. You will need this when cleaning. If you don’t have Isopropyl alcohol, you can opt for disinfectant wipes or water.
  • Toothpicks: For spots that are slightly out of reach. Very needed.
  • Canned air: To blow out remaining debris on nooks and crannies
  • Tweezers: This is optional, but its function is also to remove dirt from hard-to-reach/sensitive spaces on the gaming mouse.
  • Clean and dry rags: You will need these for dusting and drying after cleaning.

Now, let’s swing into action!

How To Clean a Gaming Mouse

Step 1: Unplug your mouse

You want to make sure the mouse is not plugged into the monitor to prevent the risk of breaking anything. For a wireless gaming mouse, make sure the batteries inside are removed 

Step 2: Place a paper towel on your gaming desk

To catch any dirt, you place a paper towel flat on the gaming desk.

Step 3: Use a toothpick to scrape out any gunk

Take the toothpick, and use it to reach into all the tiny crannies and cervices to scrape out any dirt. Make sure you do this very carefully, and also make sure you do not use the toothpick on the actual sensor of the mouse.

Step 4:  Use canned air to blow out debris

Blow out any remaining debris that has been scraped out with the toothpick using the canned air. Ensure that the can right-side up. You don’t want it to blow liquid.

Step 5: Use alcohol wipes to thoroughly wipe down the mouse

Use the alcohol in wipes to wipe down the mouse, this will remove any grease or dirt. The alcohol is a disinfectant, and the microfiber wipes don’t risk dripping moisture or soap residue into your gaming mouse.


You have a clean gaming mouse!

Make sure the mouse is dry before you plug it back in. I recommend you repeat this routine at least twice a month.

How To Clean a Wireless Mouse

how to clean a wireless gaming mouse

The way you will clean a wireless gaming mouse is a little different from the way you would clean a wired mouse. You will need to be extra careful cleaning some parts. If you are using a wireless gaming mouse, here is how you go about cleaning it:

Step 1: The first thing that must be done is to turn off the wireless mouse, and remove the batteries in it.

Step 2: Use a disinfectant wipe, or a microfiber piece of cloth to gently wipe your mouse all over. Make sure you do not get moisture into any openings on the mouse. The disinfectant wipe helps to get a better-sanitized mouse

Step 3: Use a slightly damp cotton swab to clean out any dirt around the eye. Here, you don’t want to press too hard to avoid damaging the lens. The lens will often need some soft maintenance.

Step 4: If there is any remaining moisture on the wireless mouse, use a dry Microfiber cloth to remove it.

While the steps are a little different from the way we clean normal gaming mice, it is very important that you do not use rubbing alcohol on wireless gaming mice.

Also, when cleaning a wireless gaming mouse, make sure the mouse is completely turned off.

How To Clean a Laser Mouse

how to clean a laser mouse

If you use a laser mouse, you will know that this type offers more convenience and easy maneuverability than traditional roller-ball mice.

Whenever this type of mouse is exposed to excessive dust buildup, it is important to clean it properly so that it stays in its prime condition.

Luckily, the cleaning tools needed for this, and even the steps involved, are very simple.

Step 1: Looking directly at the laser from the bottom of the mouse can be hurting to the eyes. So the first thing is to disconnect the laser mouse from your computer’s USB port. Before you start any cleaning, make sure it is unplugged.

Step 2: Use a toothpick to remove any observable lint buildup around the pads on the bottom of the laser mouse. You can also use your fingernail to flick the lint away.

Step 3: Use a Microfiber or nonabrasive cloth lightly dampened in rubbing alcohol or warm water to wipe the top and sides of the laser mouse. Make sure you do this gently and lightly. If you are using a nonabrasive cloth, make sure it is not over-saturated with moisture.

Step 4: Use a clean, dry, non-abrasive cloth to dry the laser mouse. Before you plug the laser mouse back into your gaming computer, ensure it is well dried.

FAQs on cleaning gaming mouse

How do I clean a white mouse?

Things that are light-colored do get noticeably dirty much quicker than darker colors. For white mice, I recommend using a specialty cleaner like this Matte Detailer. Then use a q-tip dampened with some isopropyl alcohol to gently wipe the mouse. Allow it to dry thoroughly before plugging back.

How do I clean mouse buttons?

Mouse buttons are usually constructed a little differently. You don’t have to open the mouse apart to clean the mouse buttons.

The use of a can of compressed air can get rid of dirt around the mouse button. Or grab some rubbing alcohol, put a bit of it on a paper towel, and then wipe down the buttons thoroughly. You want to make sure the paper towel isn’t dripping wet.

It’s a wrap!

If you use your mouse for gaming, it is very important that you take its upkeep very seriously. This is because a slight malfunctioning of your mouse could eat deeply into your game performance and experience.

And you know how costly gaming mice can be these days.

With the steps shared in this post, you now know how to clean a gaming mouse and should now also be able to take good care of your gaming mouse so it lasts long.

A clean gaming mouse adds to an optimal gaming experience.

Let me know in the comments if you found this post helpful.

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