How To Delete a Copied Link

How To Delete a Copied Link

Whenever we copy links to our phones, we keep them for future purposes, whether for immediate use or later. No matter when you need to make use of the link, you need to copy it first. The program on a mobile device that helps with this is known as the clipboard.

Therefore, whenever you copy a link, it automatically enters your clipboard. You can either paste it wherever you need it or open your clipboard to select which links you need to save. However, your clipboard has a maximum number of links it can hold and how long it can hold them.

I will show you how to delete these copied links yourself. Later in this article, we will talk about the holding capacity of the clipboard and how you can use it effectively. Let’s see how to delete copied links for now.

How To Delete a Copied Link on Android

If you are using an android device, you should check this guide to delete copied links. It is effortless to comprehend and execute. I will take it step by step.

1. Open your clipboard

The location of your keyboard depends on the kind of android device you are using. You will find the clipboard in the bottom left corner for most phones. You will notice three dots in the top right corner for some Samsung phones.

Tap the button; you will see the clipboard, amongst other options. When you see it, select the option. Let’s move to the next step.

2. Find the link you want to delete

All the links you copy will be on your clipboard, arranged by the times you have copied them. Therefore, you need to find the exact link you wish to delete from the array. If you recently copied it, you will find it at the top. On the other hand, if it has been a while, you should start from the bottom.

3. Delete the link(s)

Once you find the exact link you wish to delete, go ahead and delete it. Many android devices have made this quite easy for their users, and a single touch of a button can do the job for you. To delete a link, simply long-press it and wait for some options to display.

Amongst the option that will come to display, you should find “delete from clipboard” and “lock to clipboard.” Since we want to delete, we use the “delete from clipboard” option. Once you click that, the link will be deleted. Alternatively, some phones will allow you to swipe left or right to delete links instead of long pressing them.

If you will be deleting more than one link, you should repeat the same process until you are satisfied. However, you can quickly delete all the links on your clipboard simultaneously instead of doing it one at a time. By the bottom right corner of the clipboard, you will notice a bin icon; click the icon to delete all unlocked links on your clipboard.

How To Delete a Copied Link on an iPhone

Deleting a copied link on an iPhone is much harder than doing it on an android device. The clipboard of an iPhone is not as accessible as an android, so it is harder to delete links. However, I will make this as simple as possible so you can understand how to do it quickly.

1. Check the items on the clipboard

Of course, I mentioned that the clipboard of an iPhone is not as accessible as an android’s, but you can still check the clipboard’s contents. Therefore, to check the content of your clipboard, find a spot to paste it.

You can open a messaging app or any application allowing you to paste texts; long press the location you want to paste on and waste for the option “paste text.” Tap the option, and you will see what was on the clipboard initially.

2. Delete the content

Once you know what was on the clipboard and wish to delete it, you must copy another text. Unlike android devices, iPhones can not copy more than text. Therefore, once you copy a new text or link, it automatically deletes the one that was there initially.

To delete a copied link on the clipboard, copy a new text. You can type in some punctuation marks and copy them to overwrite the past set on the clipboard. Also, the iPhone does not provide an option to lock links or texts to a clipboard like an android device.

How to lock a link/text to my clipboard

As I mentioned earlier, you can not lock links or texts to the clipboard of an iPhone UNLESS you wish to install a third-party app for that purpose. The app will help save links and texts and ensure they are not overwritten as you copy new links or texts.

However, it must be an app you can trust and not one that will interfere with other activities on your device. That being said, let’s see how you can easily lock a link or text to the clipboard of your android device.

1. Copy the link

If you have not already copied the link you want to lock, you should do so first and ensure it is already on your clipboard.

2. Open your clipboard 

Open the clipboard and find the link you wish to lock. It shouldn’t be hard to see if you just copied it. It is most likely to be at the top.

3. Long press the link to lock

To lock the link on your clipboard, long-press the particular link to see an option that lets you lock. Tap the option, and the link will get locked to the clipboard. Locked contents will remain untouched even when you delete the links and texts in mass from the clipboard.


Although iPhones do not allow you to save more than one link, links are pretty easy to delete with them. A simple device restart will clear the links or texts copied to the clipboard instead of you doing it manually by yourself again.

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