How To Delete Your Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel Account

How To Delete Master Duel Account

Master Duel is a free-to-play online collectible card game developed by Konami. This game is available on several platforms and devices, including Android, iOS, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Microsoft Windows, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Nintendo Switch.

Are you tired of playing the game, or want to reset your Master Duel account to start afresh? This article will show you how to delete your Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel account.

To delete your Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel account, follow the simple procedure below;

  • Visit the KONAMI website or copy and paste ( into your browser.
  • Log in to the account you wish to delete.
  • Navigate to your account page.
  • Click “Delete KONAMI ID” at the bottom of your account page.
  • Agree to all the terms and conditions of deleting your account and confirm the action.

After confirming your request, your KONAMI ID should be deleted, and the site should treat you as a new user the next time you try to log in. You will not be able to access the account after deleting your KONAMI ID anymore.

What Happens After Deleting My KONAMI ID?

By deleting your KONAMI ID, you erase your profile and every data saved on your account. Users who delete their KONAMI ID do so if they wish to start the game over and delete existing data.

Your progress in the game will be deleted, and you will lose your existing cards and ranks. Also, by deleting your KONAMI ID, you reset your Master Duel account. If you wish to continue playing the game, you have to start afresh.

Why Do Players Delete Their Master Duel Accounts?

It is quite shocking that anyone would delete their Master Duel account after creating it and making tremendous progress. Well, most players delete their accounts to start the whole game afresh.

Master Duel does not have a feature that allows players to reset their accounts when they wish to start all over again. Instead, the only way to go about this is by deleting your account. This will help if you wish to create a new blank account.

Can You Restore Your KONAMI ID After Deleting It?

Unfortunately, you will not be able to restore your KONAMI once you delete it and get the confirmation message. If any data is saved to your KONAMI profile, you will lose all of it as soon as you delete your account.

You should not use the delete option if you do not want to lose access to your KONAMI account. Customer support does not provide any assistance to help you recover your deleted KONAMI ID.

What Is The KONAMI ID Used For?

Every player who creates an account on KONAMI is given a KONAMI ID, a unique means of identifying each player. You can not have the same ID as another player. Aside from identification, let’s see the purposes of the KONAMI ID.

Your unique KONAMI ID is the account you use if you wish to sync Master Duel data between devices. All you need to do is input the ID, and your data will be copied and updated on the new device.

It is not a must that you play games with the KONAMI ID. In fact, not all players use the KONAMI ID to play games. However, if you do not have a KONAMI ID account and wish to create one now, you can do so on the KONAMI website.

How Do I Play Master Duel on Multiple Devices?

You can play Master Duel on as many devices as you want. All you have to do is connect each device with your unique KONAMI ID. To play Master Duel on multiple devices, follow the guideline below;

  • Load the game on one device.
  • While the game opens, when it asks players to press anything to continue to the main menu, press the “Settings” menu. This is usually at the bottom right corner of your screen.
  • From the options in the menu, select “Data Transfer.” Doing this will open a new page where you can transfer game data from another device.
  • Select “Data Link via Konami ID
  • After that, load the previously saved data.

By doing this, you should be able to play Master Duel on as many devices as possible. Now you can enjoy the game with friends and make it more interesting.

Can You Reroll In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel?

Currently, no feature allows players to reroll their start deck choice. Rerolling the game is also similar to resetting it back to default settings. Master Duel has no feature that allows you to reroll the game.

Also, there is no way for you to get your gems back and reroll your pack openings with the free gems you earned when you began the game. Probably in newer versions of Master Duel, players will have the option to reroll, but for now, nothing of such.

Can You Make Multiple Master Duel Accounts?

For newer versions of Master Duel, players can reroll when they want to. However, you must create a new Master Duel account each time you reroll using this feature. So yes, you can make multiple Master Duel accounts.

Also, if you have multiple consoles and a PC to link them all together, you can pull different cards on each one. You can then link the console with the highest pull to your unique KONAMI ID to play your game.

Final Words

If you wish to reset your Master Duel account back to default, the best way to do so is by deleting your account. When you delete your account, you will not need to erase data one after the other, which will cost you valuable time.

However, it would help if you knew that deleting your Master Duel account is permanent and cannot be reversed. You should only delete your KONAMI ID if you are ready to lose your data and progress on the game.

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