How To Delete McAfee Account

How To Delete McAfee Account

Have you been looking for a way to stop McAfee from taking money from your account, or do you want to quit the service? This article will give you information on what you need to do to delete your McAfee account.

To delete your McAfee account, follow the procedure below;

  • Copy and paste the link below into your browser (
  • The link will take you to the customer support page.
  • Request deletion of your McAfee account on the page.
  • An agent will reach out to you to verify your identity.
  • After verification, your McAfee account will be deleted, and a confirmation mail will be sent to you.

You can only delete your account on the customer support page, as there is no other way to delete it. The app has no feature that allows users to delete their accounts.

However, there is more to deleting your McAfee account via this method. In the next subheading, I will go deeper into how you can easily request the deletion of your McAfee profile in just a few minutes.

Cancel Your Subscription

The first thing to do before you request account deletion is to cancel your subscription. As long as you own a McAfee account, you are definitely using one of its paid services. It could be a VPN or anti-virus software.

Also, if you don’t cancel your paid subscription, you will not be able to delete your account fully. By canceling your subscription, you are stopping auto-renewal for the next billing period.

To cancel your auto-renewal on your McAfee account, follow the procedure below;

  • Sign in to your McAfee account using your registered email address and password.
  • Go to the “My Account” tab.
  • From the menu, select “Auto-Renewal Settings.
  • If your auto-renewal is on, you have to click the toggle to turn it off.

By doing this, you are turning off auto-renewal for your McAfee account. Remember that you cannot date your profile without turning off auto-renewal.

Collect Important Account Information

For you to be able to delete your McAfee account, you must be able to verify your identity with customer support. They might ask for some details related to your profile before processing your request.

Some of the information you should get from your account include;

  • Your billing address.
  • Your driver’s license.
  • Answers to security questions when you set up your account.
  • The email address linked to your McAfee account.
  • The credit card linked to your McAfee account.
  • Your subscription order number.
  • The start date of your subscription.
  • Cancellation confirmation for your subscription.

You might not be asked to provide all these details, but it is better to get it all so you can drop anyone you are asked.

Reach Out To The Customer Service

After you cancel your subscription and collect important information about your McAfee profile, you can contact customer support to help you with account deletion. Once again, there is no other method to delete your McAfee account asides from this.

  • Copy and paste the link to the customer support page into your browser (
  • Provide a reason for your request. Since you want to delete your account, select “Account Information and Other.
  • Choose the chat option. You can choose either the chat option or community support. I recommend the chat option for a faster response.
  • Provide your information. If you are not logged into your account, you will be required to provide some basic details to give you access.

You will provide your first name, last name, phone number, email address linked to your profile, and reason for contacting support. All of this is necessary if you are not signed in yet.

However, if you are already signed into your McAfee account, all you will need to provide is the email address linked to your profile and the reason for contacting support. After that, you can proceed to the next step by tapping “Continue.”

Chat The Customer Support

After you click “Continue,” you will be redirected to a chat box. An agent will be available to review the information you have provided and also assist you with your account deletion request.

  • Provide answers to security questions. The information you have gathered before reaching out to support will come in handy here.
  • After the agent is able to verify your identity, you will be prompted to confirm your account deletion request.
  • Your McAfee account will be deleted.

After you confirm your account deletion request, it will be processed, and a confirmation email will be sent to your registered email address. After that, you will be unable to log into your McAfee profile anymore.

What Happens After You Delete Your McAfee Account?

After you delete your McAfee account, you will lose any data that has been saved to it. This action is permanent and can not be reversed. If you believe valuable information is on your profile, you should keep it somewhere before deleting your account.

After you delete your account, you will be unable to log in anymore. This is because deleting your account will erase your data and profile from the McAfee database, thereby restricting access. You can create a new account if you wish to continue using McAfee.

Does Deleting Your McAfee Account Cancel Your Subscription?

No! Deleting your account will not cancel your subscription. You must turn your auto-renewal off before deleting your McAfee profile. To turn off your auto-renewal, you should follow the procedure I explained earlier.

In fact, you will be unable to delete your account if your auto-renewal is on. If you have any issues while deleting your account, the agent in charge will put you through and ensure you get it right.

Wrapping Up

As mentioned earlier, there is no other way to delete your McAfee account asides from contacting customer support. When your identity is verified and the request confirmed, a confirmation email will be sent to your email address.

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