How To Make Someone Party Leader On PS4

how to make someone party leader on ps4

It seems you are here because you want to know how you can make someone else the party leader on PS4. Well, you will probably agree with me that creating, joining, or managing a party with your friends on PS4 used to be a seamless affair…

Not until October 2020 when Sony released the system firmware version of 8.00 for the PlayStation 4, which brought utter change to the way things work.

However, Playstation 4 parties can still be fun. In this article, we explain the new setup and zero particularly in the process of changing the party leader on PS4.

The PS4 party is for players who love to catch up with friends no matter what game they are playing and invite them to play together, talk tactics, or just chat about their games.

On your end, you can get the party started on your PS4 (more on this later), invite your friends into the chat, and stay connected to whatever they play.

Can You Make Someone The Party Leader On PS4?

The person who invites people to the party will be considered the party leader. In addition, once in a party, you can not hand over the position of the party leader. In other words, you have to remake the group in order to have another leader.

So for the PS4 party, there is currently no way to transfer the role of a party leader to anyone in the group once in a party.

The person who creates a party becomes the party owner. The icon (Owner) will indicate that, and when the party owner leaves, another person becomes the owner and the party can continue.

Having said this, we will now go into the basics of creating and managing a party on PlayStation 4. Since once in a party it is impossible to make someone else a party leader in the group, we will then look into other things you can do in a party chat on Playstation4.

What Are The Things You Can Do in the PS4 Party Chat?

The party chart which was sorely missed in the PlayStation3 was included in the ps4 allowing players to invite their friends, play some games, chat on tactics or simply comment on different games they play.

The Party chart has got its own dedicated button on the cross-media bar, once clicked on, you will be shown parties that are opened and you are allowed to join, or will give you the option to create a party.

As earlier mentioned, the person who creates and invites people to the party will be considered the party leader.

Players will also be allowed to decide between making the party an invite-only party, or friends of friends. Whichever you pick is going to determine who can join and who can’t.

While the Invited Players Only allows only the owner invites to join the party, the Friends of friends is to expand the group of potential party members and make it easy for them to join. However, a maximum of eight people can join a party.

Once the Party chart is created, it will bring out the party menu where you can manage the party.

P.S: As I said, one really cool feature of the PS4 party is that it is cross games which means you could be playing Assassin’s creed right now, and have someone who is playing the Razer game join you. And you both could still talk with each other even while playing different games.

So here are the options on the PS4 party menu that allows you to manage the party and your members.

Set the chat audio to party or game

If you want to, maybe, mute the party for a moment because you probably want to pay attention to a game coming up that demands cool courtesy. You can go ahead and switch over to that. The button option is at the top-right row on the party menu.

Prioritize the party or default evenly

What this does on the part menu is that if you prioritize it to the party, the in-game audio will reduce whenever someone is talking at the party so you can hear what they are saying. But if you turn that off, everything will be even and you might not hear clearly what anyone says on the party chat.

Custom message and invite players to PS4 Party

The button at the top right corner of the party menu is your invite, and when clicked, it brings up your friend list and you just pick what friends you want to invite.

You could also give them a custom message when you send out that invite such as “Hey, interested in playing battlefield?” or just send over any message you want to pass across to the person you are inviting.

View parties in the session

How to Make Someone Party Leader On PlayStation 4

This button is at the bottom of the ribbon at the right of the party menu where you can click to view a list of parties that are already in session let me say here that this depends on the privacy setting that they set, just as we saw earlier.

So if they set it as Invite only, you are not going to be able to jump into their party and play.

If you receive an invite from a friend, you can press the PS button on your wireless controller to join their party. Recent invites can be viewed by clicking ‘Notifications’ from the function screen.

Remove a player from a party on PS4

As the creator of the party on Ps4, you can remove players if you want. Just navigate to the players’ tab and highlight a player, then press the options button, and then select ‘Kick Out from Group’.

The player will then be removed.

Leave party

Then you can also leave your party if you want to just go enjoy video games on your own.

It’s a wrap

During online play sessions on PS4, one might like to create parties to enable them to talk to friends and other players met in the match.

However, things happen when meeting and there may be a need to transfer the role of the party leader.

In the article above,  we have been able to take a quick look at how parties work on the Playstation4 and whether or not you can make someone party leader.

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