Why Is My Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working? (How To Fix)

jabra elite 65t left earbud not working fix

For a long time, Jabra products are known to be of high quality. Jabra is a renowned manufacturer of audio products, equipment, and accessories. Jabra-manufactured products are top-notch and are popular among users due to their dependability and impressive build quality but oftentimes, the earbuds stop working.

The Jabra Elite 65t has a common issue. Several users have reported that the left earbud has unexplainably stopped working and they don’t know how to fix it. Queries such as ‘Jabra elite 65t left earbud not working’ or ‘Jabra elite 65t left earbud not working’ have been asked by people across online forums and search engines. However, there is no clear answer or specific solution on how to fix this issue.

I’ve been using Jabra earbuds for years, something about the sound, comfort, and experience really sold me on Jabra earbuds. I haven’t tried any other brands. The first pair I had was a pair of Jabra Elites and these simply blew me away. This got me started on the long relationship I have with Jabra earbuds. I got a pair of new earbuds – The Jabra Elite 65t!

I use my Jabra 65t Earbuds for conference calls, virtual meetings, and listening to podcasts whenever I’m in a noisy environment. And then it happened, one day when I was listening to my music through my 65ts, the left earpiece became unresponsive and I couldn’t hear anything with it.

If you’re having issues with your Jabra Elite 65t earbuds, you are not alone. This is extremely common and can happen for a few different reasons. In this article, I will enumerate how I was able to fix my Jabra Elite 65t left earbud after it stopped working.

How To Fix Jabra 65t Left Earbud When It Is Not Working?

Try out any of these solutions whenever your Jabra 65t earbud stop working.

1. Troubleshooting

If your Jabra 65t left earbud is dead or has stopped working, check the placement of the magnets to check if there’s something stuck in it that has stopped the earbuds from working well.

Follow the instructions below to troubleshoot your 65t:

  1. It will be useful to have the charging case around you for this solution.
  2. Now remove the rubber cover, and you will find two small magnets stuck together.
  3. Look inside to see if the magnets are displaced. Also, if you find dirt or any adhesive material between the magnets, carefully remove it and clean it properly.
  4. Ensure that you don’t use any harsh chemicals for cleaning.
  5. Take a cotton swab and carefully rub it between the magnets. Then put on the rubber cover.
  6. After you are done, connect the case to the charger and try charging the left earbud.
  7. When the battery level is full, turn off the power source and remove them from charge.
  8. Remove the earbuds from their case and start to listen to anything from the left earbud. It will certainly start working correctly.

If the issue was due to an issue with the magnets, apply these approaches mentioned above to solve the problem. This troubleshooting method worked for Jabra Elite Active 65t and Jabra Elite Sport 65t. However, if the left earbud is not working, follow any of the subsequent steps below.

2. Clean Your Earbuds

When the earbuds are dirty and clogged with dust, the earbuds do not work correctly or the volume drops to the lowest level that you cannot hear a thing. Ensure that you clean the earbuds regularly and remove all wax and dust inside.

If the earbud has been used for a long time, it is likely that it may be dirt on the inside. Therefore ensure that you clean the pogo pins well and your left earbud will work properly after you have finished cleaning it.

3. Check if the Magnets are in their Right Position

The left earbud of your Jabra Elite 65t will not operate if the magnets are not placed correctly. Once you notice that it doesn’t function well, one of the first things you should do is verify the location and placement of the magnets.

If they are not in the right place, carefully try to arrange them in their proper spot. Your left earbud may be able to work well after doing this.

4. Charge Your Earbuds

Why Is My Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working

It is common to face the issue of the Jabra 65t left earbud not working when the earbud is low. So, when the earbud battery is low, it is likely that you will not hear anything from it. Charge the earbuds until their battery is complete so they can function well.

Here’s how to charge your Jabra Elite 65t earbuds:

  1. Place the left and right earbuds in the charging case and close the case.
  2. Then connect them to the charger and turn on the power source.
  3. You can use the earbuds for up to one hour even if you charged them for only 20 minutes. To ensure the battery is fully charged, keep the earbuds connected to a power source for up to 2 hours.
  4. Take the earbuds out of the case when they are fully charged.
  5. Turn on their pairing mode and turn on the Bluetooth setting of your device. Ensure the right earbud is close to the left earbud. If the earbuds don’t connect straight away to your device, they go into sleep mode. Also, the left earbud will turn off if it isn’t paired with the right earbud for fifteen minutes outside of the charging case.
  6. Pair both devices and check if both earbuds are working.

5. Check for Available Firmware Updates

You can check for the latest available firmware simply by opening the Sound+ app and then checking the About > View Technical Info menu.

Another way to do this is to visit the Settings menu in the app. The first option at the top of the list is to check for available firmware updates). Follow these five simple steps below:

  • Step 1: Pair any of the earbuds with a device using the Sound+ app installed.
  • Step 2: Open the Sound+ app on the device, then go to Settings, then hit the Headset Firmware tab.
  • Step 3: If there is available firmware, put the earbuds back in their charging case and close the lid.
  • Step 4: The LED on the earbuds will flash purple during the firmware update.
  • Step 5: Ensure that you don’t take off the earbuds from the charging case while the firmware update is going on. The Sound+ app will notify you when the update is complete.

6. Uninstall and re-install the Sound+ app

Another way to consider fixing your Jabra 65t earbuds when they stop working is to uninstall and reinstall the Jabra Sound+ app on your device. Before you start this process, ensure that you have the latest version of the Sound+ app, then delete the app from your device.

After then, head over to App Store or Google Play Store to download the recent version available. This may sound awkward to you but this advice isn’t a joke. You will be surprised to find out how this method can clear cache and existing settings.

7. Check if the Jabra Elite 65t Charging Case is Storing Charge

If your right earbud continues to work fine, then it means the charging case is only distributing charge to the right earbud and the left earbud may not be receiving any power.

8. Restart The Earbuds

When a device or gadget is restarted, all functions are refreshed and if there is any error or issue in them, it will be removed. Therefore, if you notice that one of your Jabra 65t earbuds has stopped working, restart it using these steps:

  1. Take off the earbuds from your ears.
  2. Hold the multifunctional button for up to 3 seconds until the LED flashes red. At this point, the earbuds are turned off.
  3. After a few minutes, press the multifunctional button for about 3 seconds until the LED flashes green.
  4. Pair the earbuds with your mobile device and check their volume.

9. Factory Reset

Resetting the earbuds erases the list of previously paired devices. Here are the steps involved:

  1. Remove both earbuds from the charging case.
  2. Press the Jabra button on the left and right buds for 10 seconds until the LED flashes purple.
  3. Turn off Bluetooth and turn it on after a few minutes. As a result of some unknown errors, Bluetooth drivers may fail to work as they should.
  4. Go to your device or phone settings, and then forget/delete the Jabra 65t buds from the Bluetooth stored settings.
  5. Now that the earbuds are in connectivity mode. Check all available devices and find your earbud from the list.
  6. Click on the earbud and try pairing or reconnecting them to your device.
  7. Play any file on your mobile and listen to know whether the sound is coming from both earbuds or not.

Alternatively, you can reset the earbud using another method.

  1. First of all, ensure that the left earbud is fully charged and turned on.
  2. Remove the earbud from its charging case.
  3. Hold the multifunction button on the left earbud for around 10 seconds until the LED flashes purple. (Have it at the back of your mind that the LED will produce a red color before the purple appears).
  4. The earbuds have been reprogrammed. The LED will produce green light to indicate that it has been turned on while the blue light shows that the pairing mode is active.
  5. Before you reconnect the earbuds to your device, make sure that you remove or delete the old pairing in your Bluetooth settings.

Additional Tips For Cleaning and Maintaining Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds

You should be careful when cleaning your earbuds. Ensure that you don’t use any product or mixture that contains harsh chemicals because using them will damage the earbuds. Additionally, these chemicals can irritate your ear and may also cause allergies to the skin, which, if not treated on time, will affect your hearing health and even cause infectious diseases.

Ear Gel

Take off the ear gel from the earbuds and place them on the table. Take a cotton swab and soak it in water, then rub it gently over the ear gel and in its hole. When you are done, place the ear gel on the table and allow them to dry.


The earbuds come with two charging poles at their lower end, and if there are dust particles there, the earbud will be unable to charge. To avoid causing a hindrance during charging, carefully clean the earbuds.

Get a cotton swab, dip it in clean water and gently move it around the earbuds and on its charging poles.

Charging Case

The four charging pins must be cleaned as well. Get your cotton swab, soak it in clean water and rub it gently around the case and pins. Leave them to air dry, then assemble all the parts of the earbuds.

Pair the earbud with your device, increase the volume and verify if the two earbuds have started playing the sound file or not. If one or both earbuds aren’t playing the file after cleaning, then you should consider resetting them.

Reset Earbud Settings

When you reset your earbud, all settings will be wiped and the settings will be the same as you bought them for the first time. Have it in mind that when you reset them, all previously paired devices will be deleted.

Here are the steps to reset your earbud:

  1. Get the right earbud.
  2. Hold the multifunctional button for around 10 seconds until the LED flashes purple.
  3. At this point, your earbuds have been reset. Reconnect them to your device and play music or any file with sound in it to check whether the left earbud is working or not.

How To Pair Jabra Elite 65t With Your Mobile Device

jabra elite 65t left earbud not working

If you are wondering how to connect your earbud to your mobile device, follow the steps below:

  • Turn on the Bluetooth connectivity of your mobile device.
  • Now, hold the multifunctional button of the earbud for around 3 seconds until the LED turns blue.
  • Press the volume button for 1 second.
  • Go to your phone settings and check for the list of available devices to pair with.
  • Pick your earbuds from the list and tap on them.
  • Both your earbud and your device will be paired.
  • Enjoy any music, video, or sound of your choice.

If after resetting, the earbuds are not functioning correctly, it could be a technical fault. So find a nearby store and meet the technician to check the fault.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How Can I Turn On My Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud?

It is quite simple to turn on your left Jabra Elite 65t earbud. Before you switch them on, ensure that you have charged them in the appropriate case. You can switch the earbud on by holding the multifunctional button until the LED lightens in green or red color.

What Is The Best Way To Check The Status of My Jabra Elite 65t Battery?

If you want to verify the battery status, tap on the lid, then take off the charging cable. In the meantime, check the color of the LED. If it’s green, it indicates that the battery should be completely removed from the charger.
On the other hand, if the LED displays red light, it shows that the battery is either low or empty and will not work properly, so they need to be charged.

Why Is Jabra Elite 65t Left Earbud Not Working Properly?

Your earbuds will not work properly if they are in phone mode or mono mode. First of all, ensure that they are not set to phone mode or mono mode.

If the earbuds are on phone mode or mono mode, only a single will work. Therefore, set them on dual mode, and if they still don’t work, charge them and restart them or try them on another device.

Even if it doesn’t function after this, you should reset them. There is a possibility that your earbuds will start working after resetting. But if it still doesn’t work, it could be that the earbuds are expired or you need technical assistance from an expert.

Are Jabra Elite 65t Earbuds Better and More Comfortable Than Other Earbuds?

When compared to the best earbuds on the market, the Elite 65t earbuds from Jabra are more comfortable and very simple to use. They are built with high-quality material and are equipped with a host of features such as incredible sound, durability, and noise-cancellation that you won’t find in budget earbuds.

Jabra earphones are very comfortable, you can wear them for many hours. Despite the arrival of Air pods 2 and other new models, Jabra earbuds remain a favorite among many.

The Jabra Elite 65t is an excellent wireless Bluetooth earbud, providing top-notch sound and functionality in a single, sleek package. Whatever your intended use case may be, the Jabra Elite 65t has you covered, and then some. Whether you’re looking for wireless earbuds to use at the gym, for commuting, or for listening at home, the Jabra Elite 65t is a worthy choice, simply put.


If your Jabra Elite 65t earbud is not working, don’t panic because you can get your earbuds working again. I encourage you to try out any of the following methods in this article to fix your earbuds. If you have been having issues with the left earbud of your Jabra Elite 65t earphones, we have provided you with many solutions. You can consider resetting the earbud, cleaning the charging pin, and verifying the placement of the magnets.

These tips should help you fix your Jabra earbud, whether the issue was simple or more in-depth. Even if you never deal with earbuds or Bluetooth products again in your life, it’s good to know that you have this information in case you ever need it to make an unexpected repair. We hope that this post will guide you into fixing your Jabra Elite 65t headphones and getting them working again.

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