How to Keep Hands Warm While Gaming

how to keep hands warm while gaming

One of the things that hinder game flow and performance is developing cold hands. So much so that it can be the reason why you keep losing rounds often while gaming.

Being unable to keep your hands warm can cause a really unpleasant feeling in the fingers that is almost impossible to avoid. The simple solution is to find a means to keep your hands warm while gaming.

You can keep your hands warm while gaming by either using gaming gloves, designing your gaming room to be well-ventilated, or trying out making some random movements when playing to keep the blood regulated in your body.

I have developed this article to show you in full detail the various ways you can keep your hands warm while gaming.

In addition, we will also look into the reasons why your hands get cold while gaming, their disadvantages, and how you can avoid them. I strongly believe that when you have all these in mind, applying the methods I am about to show you will be easier.

Without wasting time, let’s dive into the full details of the various ways you can keep your hands warm while gaming. There are many recommendations and strategies out there on how you can keep your hands warm when gaming.

But after experimenting with most of them, I have found these three options as the most helpful tips that you can follow to get warmer hands while gaming:

Why You Should Start Wearing Gaming Gloves

Why Should You Use a Compression Gaming Glove

One of the common ways pro gamers keep their hands warm all the time while playing their games is wearing special gaming gloves While there are more than one reasons why gamers should wear gaming gloves, many gamers choose to wear gaming gloves mainly because it helps in keeping the hands’ temperature at a normal functional level. 

In a recent post where I wrote about why gamers use compression gloves, I explained the types of gaming gloves that come with anti-sweat features which will also help your hands to be free of sweat.

In other words, apart from keeping your hands warm, wearing ideal gaming gloves allows you to carry on more precise movements and actions just as professionals do.

1. Random movement of the hands allows for better blood circulation

As you will later discover in this post, sitting still for a long period of time with your hands fixed to one position can bring about this cold problem.

As mentioned earlier, If you can try making some random movements with your hands while playing a game, it will help to keep the blood regulating in your body thereby promoting warmer hands.

Meanwhile, who plays an intense game in one position??

No matter how fixed you are in that position, there will be smaller instances of the break while gaming that you can use to stretch your hands and your body.

2. Keep your gaming room well-ventilated

By simply making your room well-ventilated, you can solve the problem and keep your hands warm while you play your game.

This helpful tip is drawn from the fact that some people set up their gaming desks in a colder area.

In fact, not only keeping your room ventilated can do the magic. Sometimes, you just have to change some other things in the room such as adding AC.

If you can not make use of AC, then make sure there is a considerable amount of space between your gaming desk and the source of ventilation.

This will at least not make you feel colder at any part of your body. When playing in a well-ventilated room, you will feel much better and warmer.

Remember, you play your games better and smoothly when the hands are at the normal temperature, and not cold.

3. Why Your Hands Get Cold While Gaming

Now that you know how you can keep your hands warm while gaming, it is also good to know some of the many things that can cause your hands to get colder. These causes often come to play while you play the game.

Just as sciences tell us, our body starts cooling off when we sit still for longer periods of time, and this is usually the position we maintain when gaming (except you are gaming at a standing desk).

Since our body is made for movement and the brain needs to receive the signal, blood is channeled to the extremities instead of to the organs.

Less blood circulation is really what causes you to stay with cold hands and feet. And that is why most of the solutions to keep your hands warm while gaming revolves around improving blood circulation.

Other reasons could be because you sit in a colder gaming environment, or maybe the times you play your game are against your healthy lifestyle.

All and above, developing cold hands when gaming is one of those things we talk about in the gaming world, it is not a strange thing. But now that you know the root cause, putting those tips into practice in your next gaming session will hopefully help the situation.

Last Words

Most importantly, it is crucial that you take the notice of having cold hands while gaming at the earlier stage, especially if you have made gaming part of your everyday life.

As general as it may seem in the gaming world, not keeping the hands warm while gaming can have a real negative effect.

Not only can your gaming pace reduce gradually, but it may also eventually lead to sharp pain and tingling sensations which may amount to severe medical issues.

But you can take the bull by its horn by keeping your hands warm while gaming using the few helpful tips that have been shared in this article, all the methods have been proven to keep hands warm while gaming even for long gaming hours.

Let me know in the comments if you found this post helpful.

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