Lost Ark Player Count

Lost Ark Player Count

Lost Ark is one of the most played games on the internet. If you are a fan of MMORPGs, I am sure you must have heard about Lost Ark.

Lost Ark is popular in many gaming communities thanks to its large player population. There are periods when it had over 15 million players in a single month. Lost Ark’s developers, Smilegate Entertainment Inc/Tripod Studio, have included a catchy storyline and high-quality graphics in this game, which has attracted lots of players.

In Lost Ark, the character is given several objectives, tasks, and quests to complete. These tasks could be crafting, completing a mission, or collecting certain items, which is quite similar to Diablo 3. Lost Ark is known for its addictive gameplay, getting millions of plays monthly.

If you want to know how many people are playing Lost Ark, this article will show you the Lost Ark Player count and population. Keep reading!

How Many People Are Playing Lost Ark Right Now?

Currently, there are 93,101 people playing Lost Ark on all available devices. Lost Ark is available on the Steam platform, where players can visit to play or download the game.

From the data provided by SteamCharts, Lost Ark has attained an all-time high of 1,324,761, who are players playing the game at the same time. See the monthly data count below:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days2,165,518153,348
October 20232,165,518144,367
September 20231,812,149120,810
August 20231,670,183111,346
July 20231,695,617113,041
June 20231,664,001110,933
May 20231,825,964121,730
April 20231,832,636122,176
March 20231,798,465119,898
February 20231,758,030117,202
January 20231,850,558493,482
December 20221,778,896474,372
November 20221,680,211448,056
October 20221,622,788432,743
September 20221,671,798445,813
August 20221,619,288431,810
July 20221,700,149453,373
June 20221,741,358464,362
May 20221,751,455467,055
April 20221,672,134445,902
March 20221,771,800472,480
February 20221,722,794459,412
January 20221,432,610382,029
December 20211,426,831380,488
November 20211,392,074371,220
October 20211,481,516395,071
September 20211,489,400397,173
August 20211,406,149374,973
July 20211,469,225391,793
June 20211,474,312393,150
May 20211,403,771374,339
April 20211,476,791393,811
March 20211,411,712376,457
February 20211,433,268382,205

The top countries playing Lost Ark are:

  • United States.
  • South Korea.
  • Canada.
  • Germany.
  • Brazil.
  • France.
  • United Kingdom.

About Lost Ark

Lost Ark is a 3D massively multiplayer online role-playing game developed by Tripod Studio and Smilegate Entertainment Inc. The development process began in 2011 under the codename Project T.

The game uses Unreal Engine to render 3D characters. Lost Ark was first released in South Korea in December 2019, and in 2022, it was released in Europe, North America, and South America by Amazon Games.

The game has a unique storyline and graphics that leaves users stunned. In this game, players embark on an adventure to explore the world of Lost Ark and find lost treasures.

Players take up the role of a character whose objective is to save mankind from the demons who have invaded the world. Players travel to islands, where they are tested in combat against the enemies of mankind.

Lost Ark is a player versus environment (PvE) game. Based on the game classes, you can choose how you want to play Lost Ark. There are different roles, such as a gunner, warrior, assassin, mage, and martial artist, having different skills and objectives in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where To Play Lost Ark?

Lost Ark is available on the Windows platform. Sadly, it doesn’t support mobile platforms or gaming consoles like PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox devices.

How Many People Are Playing Lost Ark?

Over 100,000 people are playing Lost Ark concurrently across the world. The developers had seen a spike in player count after releasing the global version of the game in the North American and European regions.

How Many People Play Lost Ark Daily?

Approximately 120,000 people play Lost Ark daily, with most players coming from South Korea and the United States.

How Many People Play Lost Ark Monthly?

The Lost Ark monthly player count is on the rise. The game gets over 15 million players every month.

How Many Registered Players Does Lost Ark Have?

Lost Ark has not shared the number of registered players on their platform, but it is estimated they have around 10 to 40 million registered players.

Is Lost Ark on Steam?

Lost Ark is listed on Steam.


Lost Ark is an intuitive game to play. It is available on Steam, where it is free to play. Lost Ark has won several accolades and awards at the Korea Game Awards.

Whether the game gathers or loses players, we will help you keep track of the player count by updating this post every month.

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