Minecraft Player Count

Minecraft Player Count

Minecraft has been active for over a decade and is still relevant today. This exciting game has plenty of features, updates, unique seeds, smart mobs, and several houses to build.

Minecraft is one of my favorite games, and I never get tired of it. If you are a Minecraft freak, there’s a possibility that you won’t get tired of playing this game on your device. Minecraft keeps growing in popularity and player count, so I came up with the idea to know how many people still play Minecraft.

Besides, there’s no better way to know if Minecraft is dead than seeing the player count and statistics. On this page, you will see the live or concurrent list of Minecraft players in real-time.

How Many People Are Playing Minecraft Right Now?

There are about 1,127,731 players online. Below is the chart of player count over the previous months.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days186,536,80912,435,787
October 2023174,823,62611,654,908
September 2023168,748,67411,249,912
August 2023163,674,75610,911,650
July 2023161,097,20110,739,813
June 2023163,550,45810,903,363
May 2023180,439,60512,029,307
April 2023178,508,14711,900,543
March 2023181,226,54612,081,770
February 2023176,979,04811,798,603
January 2023173,508,87117,350,887
December 2022172,801,14517,280,115
November 2022171,805,54017,180,554
October 2022171,966,05417,196,605
September 2022172,856,01617,285,602
August 2022173,102,11617,310,212
July 2022172,650,11617,265,012
June 2022172,014,45917,201,446
May 2022173,025,54417,302,554
April 2022173,501,44017,350,144
March 2022172,055,41917,205,542
February 2022173,504,44617,350,445
January 2022174,021,55917,402,156
December 2021175,011,47017,501,147
November 2021173,602,21617,360,222
October 2021172,600,14617,260,015
September 2021166,760,14716,676,015
August 2021164,055,13016,405,513
July 2021162,055,14416,205,514
June 2021159,905,51615,990,552
May 2021151,025,56015,102,556
April 2021145,011,46814,501,147
March 2021140,119,75014,011,975
February 2021136,412,55613,641,256
January 2021133,214,56013,321,456
December 2020134,114,58713,411,459
November 2020137,328,58713,732,859
October 2020132,736,65413,273,665
September 2020125,211,90112,521,190
August 2020119,238,40411,923,840
July 2020114,641,50411,464,150
June 2020104,680,34310,468,034
May 2020118,309,08611,830,909
April 2020113,715,00011,371,500
March 2020110,700,00011,070,000
February 2020105,121,60010,512,160
January 2020100,166,40010,016,640
December 201993,078,7209,307,872
November 201987,535,3658,753,537
October 201968,743,8066,874,381
September 201972,989,7477,298,975
August 201969,340,2596,934,026
July 201961,778,5226,177,852
June 201960,526,5426,052,654

Minecraft isn’t dead, and the numbers show that the game gets millions of plays daily. Over the last few days, it had over 17,500,000 players, which is a good sign for the creators.

Minecraft has more players from the following countries:

  • United States.
  • Brazil.
  • Russia.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Germany.

About Minecraft

Minecraft was first created by Markus Persson, a Swedish game developer, but now, the game is being developed by Mojang. Microsoft Studios published it in collaboration with Sony Computer Entertainment.

Minecraft is a creative 3D game that can excite anyone. The game offers many possibilities, letting you build numerous landscapes using the provided blocks. Players can source and extract raw materials and other items sufficiently to build simple and complex structures in the 3D world.

Minecraft offers users various game modes, such as survival mode, where players can source and find resources to build structures in their own world. Players are given the freedom to express their creativity to develop and build their structures.

Many schools have included this game in their curriculum to facilitate learning and intelligence in their pupils. Minecraft features a 3D-generated environment; the world in the game is made up of rough 3D objects in cubes and fluids. You can also find organic materials like stone, lava, water, ores, dirt, tree trunks, etc.

How Many People Are Playing Minecraft

There is a Java Edition, which lets players create new mods using textures, mechanics, and items. Once you start the game, you can start building your world after selecting any of the five modes provided.  

The game offers four difficulty levels, and as a player, you can take up the challenge. You can increase the difficulty at any time. If you select the peaceful world mode, you may have to prevent hostile mobs from spawning.

Also, your building resources consist mainly of fluids and cubic blocks that you will see in the game and other places of your choice. You can start building the structure in mind using the resources provided. Players who choose an extreme or high level are susceptible to starving to death.

Minecraft offers single-player and multiplayer modes. Also, it can be played offline or online, which means you can play without an internet connection. You must activate your internet connection if you wish to play Minecraft with friends or gamers in other countries.

It is available on different platforms and can be played on several devices. You can play Minecraft on the following platforms:

  • PlayStation 3.
  • PlayStation 4.
  • PlayStation 5.
  • Xbox One.
  • Xbox 360.
  • Wii.
  • Nintendo Switch.
  • Nintendo 3DS.
  • iPhone.
  • Android.
  • Windows.
  • Linux.
  • Mac.

While Minecraft is not a shooting game, you can find tools to destroy mobs and blocks. Minecraft isn’t too different from Roblox. Once you enter a Minecraft world, you will see the rules to play the game.

While playing Minecraft, players are given a Redstone material to create logic gates, electrical circuits, and other mechanical devices. Moreover, Minecraft has other sub-games, such as Minecraft Earth, Minecraft Education, and Minecraft Dungeons. However, none of these games are free to play.

Minecraft Dungeons is quite an interesting game to play. In this adventure game, you will fight against monsters who are called crawlers. Sadly, the game is not popular, as it gets under 1000 players daily. According to Steamdb, its all-time peak is 2,939 players.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are playing Minecraft concurrently?

Over 1.2 million people are playing Minecraft at the moment.

How many people play Minecraft every day?

It is estimated that over 3 million people play Minecraft on a daily basis.

How many people play Minecraft every month?

Minecraft gets monthly plays of more than 150,000,000.

Is Minecraft free to play?

Minecraft isn’t free; however, the game is affordable. The price is fairly low, and anyone can start playing this game on their devices.

Is Minecraft dead?

Minecraft can’t be dead; it has more than 170 million users every month. Not all games can hit that figure. With more than 100 million users,

That concludes our post about the Minecraft players count. Minecraft popularity isn’t declining anytime soon; the game is still popular and has many users. That said, check out the player counts of any of the games below.

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