Why is my PS4 Asking for a Proxy Server?

Why is my PS4 Asking for a Proxy Server

So if you are that player that is currently stuck in the process of connecting your PS4 with your network, and even when you try to set up the WiFi, you are asked if you use a proxy server, and when you click no, it spins the loop animation and asks the same question again and again… this post is for you.

Let’s find out why your PS4 keeps asking for a proxy server, and what you can do to get past this problem once and for all.

First of all, it is better to know what a Proxy server is. Trust me, I am not going to bore you with programming jargon, because it’s boring after all. So, let’s just understand what a proxy server is, and then how we can get past this problem.

What Does Proxy Server in My PS4 Mean?

It is a simple computer networking term.

Think of a proxy server as having another computer that receives your internet queries, before it finally reaches the real website. The request from your computer goes to the proxy, and then your request is sent to the web through the proxy.

In other words, the Proxy server you see in your PS4 is a server application that acts as an intermediary between you requesting a resource and the server providing that resource.

For Playstation consoles, you need to connect to a Proxy Server to play online gaming so the connection is allowed to you.

It is also a way to get your device to secure a connection, and perhaps access region-restricted content, since PlayStation, doesn’t support connecting to a VPN service directly.

Why is My PS4 / PS5 Asking for a Proxy Server?

With the above explanation of what a proxy server is, it is easier to understand why your PS4 keeps asking for a proxy server. When this happens, it simply means that it is not seeing your internet connection properly.

That looping animation that repeats itself and asks for a proxy server simply indicated that your device can not detect your internet connection.

What can I do when my PS4 asks for a proxy server?

In order for you to resolve this problem, you probably need to restart your Internet box, and PlayStation, and try again. It is often the quick way to solve this problem. Once you reset your modem or router, the problem must have been probably solved.

Now, these are just obvious steps you can take to solve the issues. If you have done these already, then I will show you how to re-configure your internet connection on your PlayStation, and then how you can configure the PS4 to use a proxy server.

Note: once you have the proxy server running on your computer, your internet connection on the Playstation has to be re-configured. Here is how you go about it.

How To Connect PS4 To Wifi With Username and Password

Step 1:

Navigate to the settings which have the toolbox icon from the main screen of your PlayStation. Click.

Step 2:

Click on “Network”, and then select ‘Connect to the Internet

Step 3:

Next, you will see where to select your connection method, either ‘Use Wi-Fi (wireless)’ or ‘Use a LAN Cable (wired)’. Click on the ‘Use Wi-Fi (wireless)’. You should have your WiFi network name and the password as you will need to enter them.

Step 4:

Click “Custom”

Step 5:

Then you will select the wifi you want to use, when you identify your wifi name, select the wireless connection name, and then key in your WiFi password then select Done and OK.

Step 6:

Next is the DHCP Host Name phase where you will choose ‘Do Not Specify.’ Next, leave DNS Settings on Automatic. Afterward, also leave MTU Settings on Automatic.

Setting up PS4 To a Proxy Server

Now, for setting up a connection on the Proxy server, click Use

This will lead you to the next page where you will need to enter the local IP address of your computer and the Port Number that you set the proxy server on.

(The proxy server address is the details of your computer’s IP address while the port is the details of your proxy server configuration. If you have a Windows PC, the default port is 6588, while for macOS it is 8080.)

Then click on NEXT to complete the whole process.

Should I be ON or OFF Proxy Server for PS4?

For PS4 users, I think it is a good idea to use a proxy server. This server application can even help improve your gaming experience.

When you are on your proxy server, you no longer need to be worried about disrupted gaming performance. It serves as an intermediary between your internet queries and the real web, eliminating any lags or connection losses.

Final thoughts

If you’ve just gotten your Playstation, setting up and configuring a proxy server for PS4 gaming might be one huge computing network task that seems intimidating, however, I hope the contents of this post have been able to water down the whole thing.

We have been able to look into what a proxy server on PS4 is, what it functions for, and how you can get past the proxy server settings.

Feel free to share in the comment section how helpful you found this article

I also appreciate you sharing your ideas and position on how to go about other related PS4 setting problems faced by gamers.

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