Rocket League Player Count

Rocket League Player Count

Rocket League is a unique video game where vehicles play soccer. Unlike other video games that mimic real-life soccer stars playing football on the pitch, Rocket League lets players control a car, hit the ball, and score goals.

The Rocket League player count increased when the developers made it a free-to-play video game. During that period, the game got over 100 million players in a month.

Many gamers and researchers find it difficult to know the Rocket League live player count as Psyonix disabled the feature that lets players see how many people are playing Rocket League in real-time.

Well, there is a good way to discover how many people are playing Rocket League. This post will show the number of people playing Rocket League on all available platforms.

How Many People Are Playing Rocket League?

There are 336,538 players playing Rocket League concurrently across all platforms. The highest number of players playing Rocket League at the same time is 6,497,821.

See the table below for detailed stats and reports of the Rocket League player population in the previous months.

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days83,103,4805,540,232
October 202391,584,1756,105,611
September 202394,905,8806,327,059
August 202393,503,3306,233,555
July 202396,395,1866,426,346
June 202397,467,3276,497,821
May 202394,171,3306,278,088
April 202393,200,1856,213,346
March 202394,236,7896,282,453
February 202392,752,7456,183,516
January 202387,502,5905,833,506
December 202286,995,0145,799,668
November 202287,233,5605,815,571
October 202287,055,4565,803,697
September 202286,855,0165,211,301
August 202286,908,8705,214,532
July 202286,689,8015,201,388
June 202289,780,8665,386,852
May 202289,554,0165,373,241
April 202291,205,4435,472,327
March 202292,021,1465,521,269
February 202294,985,5705,699,134
January 202295,414,4065,724,864
December 202197,055,1445,823,309
November 202196,955,4015,817,324
October 202195,021,4475,701,287
September 202197,031,1055,821,866
August 202198,601,1475,916,069
July 202199,501,1475,970,069
June 202195,988,5635,759,314
May 202194,114,4765,646,869
April 202195,011,4665,700,688
March 202192,011,4565,520,687
February 202191,223,2405,473,394
January 202188,425,3365,305,520
December 202085,861,8365,151,710
November 202087,554,7865,253,287
October 202082,956,3414,977,380
September 202081,327,8114,879,669
August 202078,959,0394,737,542
July 202075,914,9974,554,900
June 202071,507,7834,290,467
May 202081,901,8754,914,113
April 202064,303,1253,858,188
March 202067,687,5004,061,250
February 202071,250,0004,275,000
January 202069,120,0004,147,200
December 201964,980,0003,898,800
November 201955,404,0003,324,240
October 201952,104,3843,126,263
September 201940,918,9322,455,136
August 201943,446,2782,606,777
July 201941,273,9642,476,438
June 201936,772,9302,206,376
May 201948,364,3962,901,864

By active participation, the top countries playing Rocket League include:

  • United States.
  • Germany.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Russia.
  • France.
  • Brazil.

About Rocket League

Rocket League is a game where fast rocket-powered vehicles partake in the round leather game, soccer. These cars are powered to perform various abilities, such as jumping in the air, hitting other cars, and destroying your opponents’ cars.

Players are provided with a speed boost feature that accelerates their cars on the field. While playing Rocket League, you want to score as many goals as possible within 5 minutes.

Players get the option to try out several game modes, which are known as ‘mutators’. Mutators do not change the game’s concept but allow for some variations. For instance, players can play basketball in a mutator called ‘Hoops’ or ice hockey or soccer in a mutator known as ‘Snow Day’.

Another mode you will get from Rocket League is the Rumble game mode, which empowers your car with supernatural powers.

Rocket League can be played in single-player and multiplayer modes. You face computer-controlled opponents when in single-player mode. If you want to play Rocket League with your friends, it will be interesting to try the multiplayer option.

The multiplayer mode allows up to four maximum players. You can play offline or online, depending on how you want to play Rocket League.

Rocket League has won several awards and accolades in the gaming industry. The Rocket League Championship series is a competition where players compete against each other for prizes.

Is Rocket League On Steam?

Rocket League was delisted from Steam, so players won’t be able to download it from the Steam website. However, you should find the Rocket League app for your device on their website.

Where Can I Play Rocket League?

Rocket League can be played on many devices, including Linux, Mac, Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One.


Rocket League is an interesting game to play with friends. Although it is not a shooting game, it has all the features needed in a sports game.

If you love cars and soccer, you will likely love Rocket League. The game features unusual features like cars performing aerial stunts and speeding into other cars on the pitch. This Rocket League player count will be updated every month. Ensure the statistics and player count for other interesting games below.

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