Warframe Player Count

Warframe Player Count

It’s over a decade since Warframe was released, and the current statistics show the game is performing well. Warframe was released in March 2013 as a free-to-play action role-playing 3rd-person shooter multiplayer online video game.

Warframe is popular for its endless gameplay, rich storyline, exciting game modes, intense gameplay, cool weaponry and artillery, frequent updates, and much more. 

Since its 10 years of existence, Warframe has undergone several adjustments, changes, and updates. Initially, it was playable on PC only but soon became available on all gaming consoles. The game’s developer, Digital Extreme, has included more weapons, missions, and features in the new updates.

We can know how well Warframe is faring but seeing the player count. The player count provides insights into players’ activity and engagement with the game and popular it is. Keep reading this article to get more details about the Warframe player count.

How Many People Are Playing Warframe?

Although Digital Extreme never reveals private information and data on its player count, we have checked the game to know how many people play the game.

There are 44,978 concurrent players online playing Warframe. The all-time peak for the game is 181,509.

Below is the game’s data from SteamCharts:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days46,375.574,457
October 202344,347.276,911
September 202339,713.161,347
August 202339,582.677,361
July 202338,412.161,112
June 202343,891.866,482
May 202354,935.988,346
April 202348,355.1115,322
March 202340,706.563,635
February 202341,930.459,850
January 202340,670.958,816
December 202239,102.264,073
November 202229,968.458,261
October 202234,102.655,500
September 202239,771.577,239
August 202237,581.658,478
July 202239,765.791,910
June 202237,347.468,207
May 202246,222.484,285
April 202243,232.787,532
March 202231,060.662,134
February 202235,037.957,905
January 202247,395.277,400
December 202154,651.2118,297
November 202140,776.173,093
October 202139,866.471,407
September 202146,968.382,680
August 202150,753.574,329
July 202151,614.8181,509
June 202139,622.369,028
May 202146,683.877,193
April 202146,416.479,251
March 202142,951.683,221
February 202139,210.061,032
January 202136,124.160,019
December 202035,990.170,305
November 202039,914.068,553
October 202041,298.869,891
September 202056,330.990,316
August 202059,629.0154,246
July 202039,385.258,719
June 202044,830.381,798
May 202049,687.176,165
April 202056,318.894,162
March 202052,827.488,215
February 202040,934.970,798
January 202036,264.159,186
December 201947,143.084,081
November 201946,092.787,616
October 201934,398.960,931
September 201942,482.280,466
August 201953,195.696,262
July 201955,902.294,907
June 201942,673.374,255

Players have spent more than 1.3 billion hours playing Warframe. Also, the total number of registered players has surpassed 60 million.

By active participation, the top five countries playing Warframe include:

  • United States.
  • China.
  • Russia.
  • Brazil.
  • United Kingdom.

This free-to-play action RPG shooter game has won several awards. In 2017, Warframe won the “Labor of Love Award” at The Steam Awards, “Best Sound Design” at the 2019 Webby Awards, and also won the “Action Game” severally in different editions of the Webby Awards.

About Warframe

Warframe is a free-to-play, third-person, action role-playing multiplayer game where players control people from Tenno, a race of ancient warriors.

The warriors from Tenno are skilled in the art of war and have existed for many centuries. These warriors have special abilities and are equipped with several weapons to achieve the mission’s objectives.

The Tenno warriors will fight in the war, which already has different factions battling themselves and must compete to emerge victorious. In Warframe, players can use real money to upgrade their weapons and purchase other accessories to complete their missions successfully.

Warframe had one of the highest concurrent player count on Twitch in 2021. As a free-to-play game, it also made it to Steam’s list of top games with the highest concurrency.

Digital Extremes, the developer behind Warframe, is experienced and has been in the gaming industry for decades. Word has it that they have over 25 years of experience, so why wouldn’t Warframe be a success?

Warframe is available on several gaming consoles and devices, including the Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One.


Although Warframe doesn’t get millions of plays monthly, the game has shown that you don’t need those high numbers to be a great game. The creators, Digital Extremes, are working to ensure that it doesn’t get repetitive by constantly updating and changing the game’s dynamics.

We will update the Warframe player count every month. Endeavor to check the player count of other video games below:

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