Why Are Gamers Usually So Weird?

Why We Gamers Weird

Playing video games is an isolating activity. Most people who are always playing video games do not pick up on what everyone is doing/behaving/eating and so on.

While this seems a little beyond normal, the fact that gamers tend to behave a little differently makes it labeled weird. Imagine you sit in a room throughout the whole day, fix your eyes on a screen and literally talk to a computer for a long while.

Most people believe that gamers end up being socially awkward since they don’t have an actual real person in front of them. Those who always play video games are quick to be seen as weird people, possibly as a result of their behavior in a social setting.

What really strikes the cause for alarm is the absence of social interaction in the life of most avid gamers.

Are Gamers Truly Weird?

The truth is that gamers are not exactly weird people. Being weird, in this context, means you are the type of person who makes a lot of social mistakes.

For gamers, the truth is their behavior is not what others are expecting – more of core oddness. So, it is actually the reverse! Weird people are drawn to gaming as a constant hobby because it shifts them away from social embarrassment.

You will agree with me that most awkward and weird people feel more alive when they are online. In other words, gamers are not weird people; weird people are naturally drawn to making gaming their hobby.

When one is weird, it means he/she is noticeably different. The nature of being weird can also mean that you often do something that makes other people stare, laugh, applaud, or boo.

This reminds me of a line I once read in a comic book: “Your weirdness is valuable”

It is true that gaming can have a huge influence on your socio-behavioral skill. But, because you spend most time gaming does not translate that you are a weird person.

Why Do Gamers Behave in a Weird Way?

Are Gamers Really Weird

True avid gamers do not practice real-life social interaction much. Now imagine when someone becomes a gamer at a very young age as we have it today, it will really sabotage the development of social skills.

But all these boils down to what we individually consider weird.

The reason why I am able to write on this controversial question is that I have seen both sides of the coin.

I used to have the initial idea, which is certainly true, that gamers are generally always wired to be these weird, socially awkward nerds that don’t know how to talk to “outsiders”.

They flow better with people who are avid gamers as they are, who they can relate to using terms like “gg” and acronyms. If it was exactly this one-way idea, I would have concluded that all gamers are bound to behave in a weird way.

But over time, I realize it’s not always the case.

As a huge gamer in my school days, I have made friends with a lot of guys who are gamers. The funny thing is most of them talk like my non-gaming friends. The reality is that most gamers are naturally introverted or shy people. But even at that, a number of gamers are now getting used to normal society.

Why are gamers socially awkward?

Again, this depends on what our idea of being socially awkward is. But, as I have mentioned earlier, it is people who are awkward that are drawn to gaming as a hobby. Not the other way around.

 For naturally awkward people, gaming removes stress because they do not have to be in front of a person when talking.

Do gamers have a higher IQ?

There have been so many studies that test the intelligence of gamers to know if gaming activity adds to one’s IQ or otherwise. According to a new study, two of the world’s most popular video games which include PUBG act like IQ tests.

The study also showed that gamers who are very good at those games also get the highest scores on traditional intelligence tests, which means that video games might actually make you smarter.

While it has the potential to increase your IQ and thinking capacity, being addicted to the hobby also has its detrimental effects – both physically, and mentally.

Are gamers loners?

The answer is a definite NO!

What will you say about gamers who often exhibit many social behaviors simultaneously? Gamers can be watching games, talking, drinking, and at the same time chatting online.

Being a gamer has gone beyond being a loner who is locked in the basements. The majority of World of Warcraft and company gamer lovers exhibit social behaviors.

Science shows us that games make us 20% smarter. One of the benefits of video games is that it helps improve short-term memory and help you focus for long hours. It is one of the top hobbies that boost your brain power and keeps the brain consistently working at higher efficiency. 

This is unlike watching TV, which research has shown that it negatively impacts the frontopolar area of the brain, leading to a decrease in verbal IQ.

Why do parents hate gaming?

This is always sounding like a question from a pissed, curious kid. It is no news that children are more entertained with video games because they are fun and challenging.

Parents, on the other hand, are more concerned with the side effects of playing video games, and as such, want to make sure that their children are safe and healthy.

Is gaming a bad hobby?

Gaming is never a bad hubby, only that it can become an addiction just like other hobbies. Gaming seizes from being a hubby when it begins to impact your health negatively.

Final Words

There are so many controversial questions as to being a gamer. More so, video gaming is one of the most misunderstood forms of entertainment.

Most people worry that games are socially isolating, and so, gamers are stereotyped to behave weirdly or become weird people. But that is not always the case.

Sometimes, there are naturally awkward and introverted people who are drawn to making gaming their hubby – possibly because it shifts them away from the need to be socially active.

So you can see it is the reverse. Conclusively, I think if we spend a little time diagnosing the true nature of gaming, we will uncover a lot of misconceptions about the hubby.

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