Why Are Secretlab Chairs So Expensive?

Have you ever asked yourself why Secretlab chairs are so expensive? If you want to get a high-end gaming chair from Secretlab, you must be willing to part with some hundreds of dollars.

Secretlab chairs are designed to provide ergonomic support, optimal comfort, and user durability. Durability, in particular, is a crucial factor in picking gaming chairs. Secretlab uses high-quality materials to construct chairs, ensuring they last long for many years.

Gaming is an activity that keeps you hooked in front of the computer or TV screen for hours. Staying in an awkward position or having a wrong posture can hurt your back, spine, and muscles. Gamers who prioritize their body posture do not make a mistake using any random chair that comes their way. Instead, they specifically go for desk chairs designed for gaming.

While Secretlab chairs are expensive, it is imperative to note that their chairs are durable, and their quality is unmatched. In this article, we will find out why Secretlab chairs are expensive, so if you consider buying from Secretlab, it will show you if it is worth it.

Why Are Secretlab Chairs So Expensive?

Secretlab chairs are not cheap because the chairs aren’t made with cheap-quality materials. Also, the chairs undergo rigorous testing and are improved from time to time to maximize their comfort and support.

Below are reasons why Secretlab chairs are expensive on the market.

1. High Quality

are secretlab chairs worth it

Obviously, Secretlab chairs are of high quality, and this affects their price. From an economist’s perspective, the price is expected to be high if the quality of the product is high. Secretlab products are among the finest on the market. The company does not make premium-quality products but also ensures that its products meet its clients’ and users’ needs and desires.

Secretlab chairs are built with comfort and longevity in mind. The manufacturer uses a proprietary hybrid leatherette for the soft outer shell while also using top-quality metal and plastic for the hard areas of the frame.

Every chair produced by Secretlab goes through the industry-standard ‘Taber Abrasion Test’ to ensure the chair lasts even in the toughest and roughest conditions.

Furthermore, they have a top-notch fabric known as ‘SoftWeave Plus’. This fabric is soft, breathable, and also goes through intense testing, just like other parts and components of the chair. The intricate loops of the SoftWeave Plus allow for various designs and colors.

Therefore, you can get different styles, colors, and designs for the chairs rather than being limited to a set of basic colors with no standout color or design.

2. Ergonomic Design

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When we talk about ergonomics, people think that it has to do with how objects, especially furniture, reduce fatigue and comfort our bodies. However, the science of ergonomics is beyond that; it has to do with entire systems and not only objects or furniture.

Ergonomics refers to our interaction with these systems and how they help to enhance our well-being and experience. Secretlab understands this mystery, which is why they employ their chairs for the comfort and well-being of their users. They apply pressure sensors and use their Ergonomics Advisory Board to create and test their products for optimal physical support.

Additionally, they provide a shorter hydraulics system on some chairs for a broader range of heights among their clients. So, even if you are shorter or taller, you should find a Secretlab chair that supports you.

3. Durability

how durable are secretlab chairs

As mentioned, Secretlab produces chairs with longevity in mind. One of the reasons for the price of Secretlab’s products is their durability. When you get a chair from Secretlab, you stand a good chance of using that chair for many years. So when you purchase a Secretlab product for hundreds of dollars, you invest in a product that will last for years.

Secretlab provides a warranty of up to five years on their products. Every chair produced by the company undergoes testing under intense conditions to ensure that it is of high quality before it is released to the public.

The durability of Secretlab chairs doesn’t only apply to the hard frame of the chair or the outer components that your eyes can see. The type of material used for the fabric is known to resist fraying and peeling, so it will not wear and tear quickly.

4. High Demand

Over the years, Secretlab has worked extremely hard to build its brand. They designed their chairs in a state-of-the-art facility and raised the gaming chairs’ standard.

The price of any item or commodity is influenced by demand and supply. If there is a higher demand for a product, the price will be high, but when the supply is higher, the price becomes lesser.

Many people know the quality and durability of Secretlab products, so the demand for their products is currently high. Due to the high demand for Secretlab products, their chairs’ prices have become high.

5. Specialized Use

Gaming chairs cannot be interchanged with all-purpose or general-purpose chairs you place around your home. For instance, buying Secretlab chairs for your living room doesn’t make sense.

Mainly, Secretlab chairs are designed for gaming. Hence, their chairs are used by gamers or people who spend long periods sitting while doing any activity. This means that their chairs must be comfortable for long hours.

Although you can get an average office chair or a folding chair for cheap, you will not get equal or better performance and comfort from the chair as you would have gotten from a gaming chair. Secretlab chairs are worth the price, and their durability and comfort validate this.

To ensure you get the best possible experience from your chair, Secretlab has assembled a specialized team for different things. For instance, there is an ergonomic advisory team that includes qualified doctors.

are secretlab chairs good for your back

Their sole objective is to improve their chair’s ergonomic design to offer you a painless and comfortable experience. Due to the amount of work and effort invested in this production process, you should expect this product to come at a premium price.

Secretlab chairs aren’t too expensive, so what makes you think they are not affordable? Secretlab is a top brand, and their chairs are popular as those from other famous manufacturers such as GTRacing, DXRacer, etc. The prices of Secretlab chairs are fairly competitive compared to other gaming chairs on the market.

Averagely, the price for top gaming chairs is around $400 to 500. If you have a budget of around $500 to $550, you can get a decent chair from Secretlab.

6. Extreme Testing

As you know, every Secretlab chair has to pass different tests to ensure that it is comfortable and durable for users. Secretlab chairs provide great ergonomic support, giving you a good sitting posture.

To have a clear picture of the testing Secretlab chairs go through, below is a list of some tests carried out by the Secretlab chair:

  • Armrest Durability Test.
  • Backrest Load Test.
  • Drop Load Proof Test.
  • Forward Overturning Test.
  • Packaging Drop Test.
  • Rearward Stability Test.
  • Seating Durability Test.
  • Swivel Test.
  • Taber® Rotary Platform Abrasion Test.
  • Tensile Test.
  • Tilt Mechanism Test.

It is important to note that these tests are not done for free; they cost money, which is reflected in the chairs’ prices.

7. Endorsement and Quality Assurance

Secret lab chairs receive endorsement and quality assurance from organizations such as:

  • Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Singapore.
  • BIFMA.
  • intertek.
  • TUV SUD.

It is expected for Secretlab to charge a high price considering the amount of value of its products.

8. Frequent Improvements and Innovations

how comfortable are secretlab chairs

Undoubtedly, Secret chairs are fantastic. No one doubts their quality. However, the manufacturer isn’t looking like it will stop anytime soon. Secretlab continually improves its chairs and products to ensure users have an optimal experience.

Secretlab chairs are products of innovativeness and creativity. For instance, they have equipped the magnetic headrest and the magnetic CloudSwap replacement system for armrests. This feature ensures the arm upgrade of your chairs within seconds.

Such innovations are known to attract significant investment and time from the company. As expected, this influences the chair prices.

9. Taxes

You can’t evade the tax authorities. Companies like Secretlab pay taxes on the profits from their product sales. Secretlab probably spends a lot on taxes, which is why the prices of their chairs are high.

10. Labor Cost

The world has developed, and computers and robots are now doing many jobs that used to be done by humans. Although computers help production, you can’t write off the importance of manual labor and supervision.

Manual labor is expensive, which adds to the price tag of Secretlab chairs.

11. Cost of Packaging

The packaging of Secretlab products is top-notch. The chairs are packaged carefully to ensure they aren’t damaged during haulage, transport, and delivery.

How is this done?

The manufacturer performs package drop tests, ensuring the chairs’ safety during transport.

12. Courier Cost

The courier service Secretlab uses are UPS and FedEx. These courier companies have a track record in ensuring the safe delivery of products – thanks to their chain of network services. However, these companies charge a premium to maintain the level of service expected of them to provide. The cost of this service also reaches the end-user of the chair.

13. Facility Running Cost

Much of the money is spent on maintaining and running the facility where these high-quality chairs are produced. The manufacturer has to deal with the certain cost of running the business, such as:

  • Utility bill.
  • Safety guidelines.
  • Emergency protocols.
  • Basic facilities for their workers and laborers.

After production, the finished products need to be stored. Most companies purchase warehouses; however, some may have to lease or rent spaces. The storage cost further drives the price tag of the chairs.

Apart from producing great-looking and quality products, the company has to spend to raise awareness and buzz around their products. Marketing and advertising are among the most effective ways to increase awareness.

Companies like Secretlab spend on advertising, affecting their products’ prices.

14. Inflation

Every calendar year, the prices of items go high due to the inflationary effect. The cost of procuring raw materials, labor costs, utility bills, haulage, and transportation, increases due to inflation.

To stay afloat, the company has no other option than to increase the prices of its products. Therefore, expect the prices of Secretlab to increase in the coming years unless something is done to curb inflation.

15. Purchasing Power and Consumer Behavior

Not every period of the calendar year is great for business. You may record great sales in some quarters, whereas in others, the sales performance is low. People have changed their spending habits since the pandemic and spend only when necessary.

Secretlab has maintained its excellent quality, and they haven’t reduced the quality of its chairs to pull through the low-selling quarters of the business year.

16. Warranty

There is a 5-year warranty on each Secretlab product you buy. If anything goes wrong with the product during this period, the company will get it fixed. Similarly, the warranty gets extended by two more years when you post an image of your Secretlab chair.

That being said, it is safe to assume any Secretlab chair you get will last for seven years, at least. What makes you think the manufacturer trusts its product and is willing to extend its warranty to maintain its standard and brand value? It has to do with the build quality of the products.

With such an extended warranty, Secretlab has to sell a new chair to clients once every seven years. To raise profits, the company has to sell the products in its inventory at a higher price.


Secretlab gaming chairs are expensive for various reasons. Some reasons for the products’ expensiveness are based on the cost of production (design and materials), others are strategic (marketing and brand awareness), and some are profit-oriented.

Secretlab chairs are extremely durable. There are testimonies and reviews from happy customers who have enjoyed using their chairs for years. When you pay for a Secretlab chair, you invest in a long-term product that assures you of years of comfort and not a chair to use for the time being.

The fabric and other raw materials used in producing these chairs are of the highest quality. So it would be best if you weren’t surprised why they cost more than average desk chairs on the market. If you are willing to invest in a durable, comfortable gaming chair for long work hours, you should get a chair from Secretlab. Ideally, find a chair that supports your back and body posture.

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