Why Do Gamers Use LED Lights?

Why Do Gamers Use LED Lights

LED lights are now popular in the gaming industry. In fact, a study shows that 80% of professional gamers pay as much attention to the look of their game setup as they do to the way they play.

What used to be a unique decor for only places like bars and restaurants is now being used creatively in gaming setups – LED lights.

Why exactly do gamers use LED lights? Does it improve gaming performance? How do you go about touching up your gaming room with the right LED lights? These are the major questions we shall be looking into in this post.

LED lighting provides a unique ambiance to the gaming room and also makes the gaming experience more immersive. Gamers like to play games in dark with LED lights because it sets them in the right mood, lights the right spaces, shows special effects, and also adds some personality to their setup.

When you pair LED lights with the best gaming gear and ultra-wide monitors, you will be amazed at how much more immersive your gaming experience will become. If you are passionate about gaming, and you want to take your game set-up to the next level, most experts will advise that you include LED lights in every part of your computer.

Not only does this create an environment of GAMING, but it also adds to the overall ambiance of your gaming room. However, it is important to state that using LED lights as a gamer does not increase the performance of your computer, neither does it improve your gaming performance… well, not directly.

But in all seriousness, LED lightning boosts the minds of gamers. It provides that killer look to your computer set-up which causes you to play those games with more interest and excitement.

Apart from these, there are more considerable reasons as to why gamers use LED lights in their gaming set-up which we shall be looking into right away.

Why Do Gamers Use LED Lights?

Why Do Gamers Use LED Lights

I once read in a book that “good lightning gets the game right.”

Apart from ambiance and all the lushness that LED light brings to your gaming room, there are many other considerable reasons why gamers use LED lights which are as follows:

1. Enhances your focus

Gamers want anything that will make them as focused as possible, especially during intense gaming sessions. You might not have thought of it, but what really defines the best gaming experience is the transportive moments.

LED lights in their various designs and colors help gamers immerse themselves in a different world, and enhance their focus.

2. Adds some personality to game set-up

Without gaming LED lights, all gaming set-ups will look almost similar with no unique look or appearance. Gamers use LED lights in their varying colors and designs to personalize their gaming room.

If they have a particular favorite color combination, they use LED lights to resonate with that in the look of their game set-up.

3. To put you in the right mood for gaming

To perform excellently well in gaming, gamers always like to be in the right mood and environment and match with that moment.

LED lights bring about that unique gaming mood. The combo of LED lights, especially RGB LEDs is relaxing, inviting, and immersive.

4. For special effects

Professional gamers understand how the spotlight of special effects in their game setup influences their mood for gaming. The uncommon effects of LED lights and their colors have a way of keeping you alert.

A very good example is the Smart Led lights for gaming which gradually change color or patterns. This helps gamers head to be back into the game, without being distracted.

Are LED Lights Truly Good for Gaming?

Again, there are clear pros and cons to everything in gaming. While LED lights are the perfect way to create a next-level gaming experience without redecorating the entire room, some people believe that they have their downsides which are of little detriment to how we play our games.

For some people, they don’t like it. They see LED lights as an overrated inclusion in the gaming setup. Some people believe in having just a simple, clean and minimal setup. On the other hand, some gamers consider LED lights a must-have for anyone who wants to take his gaming experience to the next level.

This is why you would most likely get two completely different answers when you ask two types of people if LED lights are truly good for gaming. However, in my opinion, game LED lights can make a surprisingly noticeable difference in how you play your game.

While the ones designed for behind your monitor will add to the ambiance of your game setup, LED lighting allows one to customize his gaming room to an impressive aesthetic level.

What LED Light Is The Best for Gaming?

gaming equipments with led lights

Just as there are myriads of options for LED light strips on the market today, it’s also become more complicated to the right LED light that is best for your gaming setup.

Well, the first thing is to worry less about the brand name. The Best LED light for gaming will be known for its features and reviews. There are quite a number of categories when it comes to LED lights for gaming, and I think that is exactly what makes choosing the right one more complicated.

We have ones that are ideal for the back of your gaming screen, some are ideal for your walls, while some are for simple lampstands with varying colors.

When it comes to LED lights for TV backlights, I strongly recommend you consider products like this Nexillumi LED Lights. While it gives a unique ambiance to your room from the back of your monitor/computer/TV, you can also stick the LightStrip to the bottom or edges of your desk, the trim along your walls, or anywhere else that might look beautiful with a colored glow.

It is very long-lasting and cost-effective! In addition, there are many brands out there when it comes to LED lights for the walls of your gaming room. But, this Philips Hue Smart Gaming LED light for walls is highly recommended.  

You can take your game setup to a whole new level by shining colored lights onto your wall instead of emitting them from a lamp or from the back of your desk. And the Philips Hue smart gaming LED light for walls is perfect for that!

I like it because it comes in a pack of two and sits tilted on your desk to shine light onto your wall without any need to hassle assembling it somewhere.

Also, this Philips Hue White and Color Ambiance A19 60W Equivalent LED Smart Bulb Starter is a great light for gaming. I use this one, especially every day and I can tell you that I was tempted to get more for every major room of my house, and not just the game set-up.

If you are just starting out including LED lights in your setup, then start simply by getting a couple of bulbs. The two bulbs connect directly to your phone via Bluetooth, only that it is a little pricey and you will need to watch some YouTube videos on how to set them up because the instructions are pretty useless.


LED lighting appears to be a very important part of a true game setup. Professional gamers use LED lights because it has a lot of benefits. Not only does it adds to the overall ambiance of the gaming room, but it also provides the right mood for exciting gaming performance.

I hope you have been able to see the reasons why gamers use LED lights, and why you should try including some in your game setup today. Getting to touch up your gaming space with the right LED strip lighting is not rocket science and can be done without hassle, provided you know what works best for you and what color and control match your comfort most.

Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section on why you think gamers use LED lights. Thanks for reading.

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