Fall Guys Player Count

Fall Guys Player Count

Since Mediatonic used a freemium model for Fall Guys, the battle-royale game has seen a dramatic spike in player count. Fall Guys was previously on Steam but migrated to the Epic Games store, where it drew more attention from players – thanks to its free-to-play system.

Battle-royale games, such as Apex Legends, PUBG, and Fortnite, are popular online. It was revealed that Fall Guys accumulated over 20 million players within 48 hours of becoming a free-to-play game. After seeing these numbers, anyone will be curious to know the concurrent number of people playing Fall Guys.

Like most gamers, you may be interested to discover how many people play Fall Guys. Well, this post will reveal the Fall Guys player count and provide you with more details and information about the game’s player population.

How Many People Are Playing Fall Guys?

There are 221,838 people playing Fall Guys concurrently on all platforms and versions of the game. This number will fluctuate constantly based on its popularity in gaming communities.

Below is the player data over the last months:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days16,879,9511,125,330
October 202318,189,6031,212,640
September 202319,922,8951,328,193
August 202321,217,1401,414,476
July 202321,518,3981,434,560
June 202321,179,5261,411,968
May 202321,704,7811,446,985
April 202321,504,5741,433,638
March 202321,165,9191,411,061
February 202320,569,4061,371,294
January 202320,166,0851,008,304
December 202219,332,058966,603
November 202219,455,683972,784
October 202219,105,548955,277
September 202218,896,650944,833
August 202218,455,013922,751
July 202217,058,805852,940
June 202210,214,450408,578
May 202210,014,470400,579
April 20229,702,551388,102
March 20229,805,110392,204
February 202210,001,477400,059
January 20229,701,140388,046
December 20219,502,210380,088
November 20219,201,455368,058
October 20219,101,145364,046
September 20219,501,142380,046
August 20219,201,100368,044
July 20218,901,143356,046
June 20218,701,447348,058

The top countries playing Fall Guys are:

  • United States.
  • Brazil.
  • France.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Germany.

About Fall Guys

Fall Guys is a free-to-play battle-royale game created by Mediatonic and launched on 4th August 2020. Fall Guys used to be a paid game when it was listed on Steam, but it went free-to-play after migrating to the Epic Games platform.

Fall Guys moved to Epic Games in June 2022 and gathered over 20 million players within 48 hours. Fall Guys supports up to 60 players who compete in battle royale contests. The game’s characters are represented as jellybean-like characters, and they move around a 3D playing field.

Characters can make different moves, such as jumping, climbing, diving, and grabbing. The objective is to win to make it to the next round mini-game.

Some of the mini-games are simple tasks like playing tag with other players, running to the finish line, etc. Every game comes with obstacles, which require quick thinking and tactical gameplay. Players can be eliminated should they be too slow to make a move.

Ideally, players will avoid falling into the slime. The last player standing wins the match. This game uses a currency inside the Ultimate Knockout known as “Kudos”, which players use to purchase emotes and cosmetics for their character.

Players can get the Kudos currency upon completing full matches and a premium currency known as “Crowns” after winning their matches.

Fall Guys is one of the best-selling games on Steam. Moreover, it has won several awards, including;

  • Best Multiplayer Award from Golden Joystick (2020)
  • Best Family Game from Golden Joystick (2020)
  • Best Community Support from The Game Awards (2020)
  • Best Independent Game-Platinum from PlayStation (2020)
  • Best Multiplayer Game-Gold from PlayStation (2020)

Fall Guys has a massive player population due to its high-quality gameplay. We will update this post monthly to track the current Fall Guys player count. Don’t forget to read the other posts below:

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