How Much Does a Gaming PC Weigh?

How Much Does a Gaming PC Weigh

So you are probably halfway into setting up your gaming PC, and you are perhaps thinking of standing your PC on a low table but have no idea how much the PC weighs to know if the table is strong enough.

Or maybe you are gathering specifications to look out for when picking a gaming PC, and so you want to know how much an average gaming PC weighs.

Well, the weight of a gaming PC varies from case to case.

However, a low-end gaming PC usually weighs 20 to 30 pounds, which is approximately 10-13 kg.

But for a full-size case with gaming components such as multiple GPUs, multiple hard drives, extra fans, and or water cooling, and a large CPU cooler, the gaming PC can easily weigh 60-80 pounds (28-37kg).

So you can see that it actually varies greatly from case to case. For example, Corsair 500R weighs about 60 pounds with the drives, motherboard, PSU, GPU, and all other components installed.

I made findings on the rig’s 600T which weighs about 70 pounds. Entering a PC gaming scene can be intimidating, especially if you are a newcomer.

Even with one’s know-how on basic computer components,  one may still find difficult-to-understand hardware specs, loads of different storefronts, and hundreds of games to play.

When I first started gaming, the look of it all was overwhelming (not to mention getting to pay attention to specs, weights, size, and all).

All and above, you don’t necessarily need to spend hours trying to wrap your head around what the tinniest component works for. You really just need to know the basics for a start.

Speaking about the basics, the weight of your gaming PC should be one of the things you are familiar with, and that is exactly what we are covering in this post.

Having clearly mentioned the weight of an average gaming PC, and establishing the fact that they vary from case to case, we will then move into all other things you should know about weighing gaming PC.

Why Are Desktop Gaming PCs So Heavy?

how much does a pc weight in kg

First off, many people wrongly believe that a gaming PC can be effectively replaced by an ordinary computer or laptop. That is a misconception.

The main reason why we have desktop gaming PCs large is that large computer components are less expensive to produce than small components such as Laptops.

Desktop gaming PCs usually have more cooling options than a battery-based laptop will ever have, and this is why they can outspend the laptops.

Modern games and long gameplay overload the computer, and so gaming PCs are now designed with a cooling system.

When you consider the components of the desktop gaming PC and how they enhance the overall gaming performance, you will agree that the factor of them being heavy is quite overrated.

Instead, the major, and perhaps only disadvantage one can consider in gaming PCs is the price. Fully installed gaming PCs are more expensive than assembling the device component by component.

When we talk of a full set up gaming PC, we can not forgo CPU, Motherboard, RAM, System unit, Power Supply, Hard disk and SSD, and Video card.

What is the Weight of a Desktop Computer in KG

10-13 kg

A computer’s weight is actually measured in pounds. In addition, the weight of a desktop depends on the desktop.

While the average desktop weighs between 20-30 lbs which are approximately 10-13 kg, a high-end gaming desktop can exceed 50 lbs (about 22kg).

If you want the best-looking and smoothest gaming experience, it is better to opt for a desktop gaming PC. But as mentioned earlier, the best consoles are quite intimidating when it comes to price.

But it is worth the investment because opting for laptops only brings more restriction on power draw, thermal demands, and their physical size.

If you are not cool with the weight of a gaming desktop, understand that it is not absolutely necessary for all gamers, but again, if you really want the best high-end gaming experience with the prettiest games, you won’t go wrong by choosing a gaming PC.

How Much Does a Computer Weigh in Grams?

Again, computer weight is actually measured in pounds. While the average desktop weighs between 20-30 lbs which is approximately 9071 – 13607.8 grams, a high-end gaming desktop can exceed 50 lbs (about 22679.6 grams).

How Much Does a Monitor Weigh?

Gaming PC Weight

If you have been monitoring the market in recent years, you will agree with me that computer monitors seem to get lighter and more environmentally friendly each year.

If you are the type that moves your monitor around your gaming room or office like me (I love renovation), it is required to know how much your computer monitor weighs so you don’t have problems down the line.

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So here is a quick table I created showing you the general types of monitors and their average weight in pounds and kg.

Computer MonitorsWeight in PoundsWeight in Kg
Monitor for a home office8.82 pounds4kg
Small monitor (20 inches or less)5.49 pounds2.4kg
Medium monitor (25 inches or less)7.25 pounds3.2kg
Large monitor (30inches or less)10.2 pounds4.6kg

Ensuring that you know exactly how much a computer monitor weighs before buying it is very important because it makes you know if you could move it around easily.

Final Words

The underlying truth is that it is an intimidating process to build your own gaming PC, especially for the very first time. But it is also an exciting and rewarding experience.

Gaming PC can save you a lot of money when you craft them, rather than buying a pre-built machine from a retailer.

In the mission to build your gaming PC according to your own budget, specifications, and preference, you may come to the point where you need to know the weight of a gaming PC, and I hope you have been able to find your answer in this post.

What gaming PC do you use, and how has your experience been so far, share in the comments!

Thanks for reading.

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