Unturned Player Count

Unturned Player Count

When Smartly Dressed Games released Unturned, they weren’t looking to compete against the top survival games. Unturned was created by Nelson Sexton, a video game designer. It is a free-to-play survival game where players create custom maps using the in-game editor provided.

Unturned was first released for Linux, macOS, and Windows platforms in July 2017. Later, in November 2020, it was released by 505 Games and became available on different platforms, including Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

If you are here to see the Unturned player count, you are in the right place. This article will provide you with the number of people playing Unturned on all available platforms and devices.

How Many People Are Playing Unturned?

The number of people playing Unturned concurrently is 74,220. The highest number of people playing Unturned concurrently is 1,511,836.

The table below shows the player count for Unturned in the last months:

MonthAverage Monthly PlayersDaily Peak Players
Last 30 Days18,423,1441,228,210
October 202320,194,1731,346,278
September 202320,926,6041,395,107
August 202322,381,3951,492,093
July 202323,602,1141,573,474
June 202322,493,8641,499,590
May 202322,677,5521,511,836
April 202322,168,7791,477,919
March 202322,438,0361,495,869
February 202321,784,5011,452,300
January 202323,678,8051,065,546
December 202223,520,5441,117,226
November 202222,998,8051,034,946
October 202223,401,3931,170,070
September 202222,850,6691,142,533
August 202223,104,4771,155,224
July 202222,514,5471,125,727
June 202221,646,562962,069
May 202221,014,0601,050,703
April 202221,218,0001,060,900
March 202220,400,0001,020,000
February 202220,588,8771,029,444
January 202219,788,250989,413
December 202119,552,995977,650
November 202120,147,4851,007,374
October 202119,158,064957,903
September 202118,393,696919,685
August 202117,841,885892,094
July 202119,136,802956,840
June 202119,904,150995,208
May 202121,305,1701,065,259
April 202121,370,4291,068,521
March 202120,587,8551,029,393
February 202120,114,5771,005,729
January 202119,580,877979,044

The following countries have the most active players:

  • Brazil.
  • United States.
  • Hungary.
  • Egypt.
  • Thailand.
  • Russia.
  • Canada.
  • United Kingdom.
  • Germany.

About Unturned

As previously mentioned, Unturned was developed and published by a Canadian-based developer named Nelson Sexton, under his video game company, Smartly Dressed Games. Like many other survival games, this game provides players with supplies and weapons to take down hordes, stay alive, and complete the mission.

Unturned comes with various game modes, but they all feature the same concept, which is about surviving a zombie attack. Unturned has a multiplayer option, allowing for different gameplay, including roleplay, survival, paintball, creativity, and a battle royale-like arena-style match. The arena game option is only available in the multiplayer mode.

In Unturned, your objective is to stay alive. There is a meter that lets you see your progress in your game. Players earn XP as they advance through the game. These experience points serve as currency and can be used to purchase accessories and upgrades. The game allows players to buy equipment, gear, cases, keys, armor, and many tools from the Steam Market.

You can earn cosmetic rewards for competing tasks, including camo for weapons, clothing, and effects for your character/avatar, and skins for your weapons. While hunting down weapons, you must be careful not to get bitten and attacked by undead hordes. When hit or bitten by zombies or treading in dead zones and terrains without proper hazmat protection, you may suffer radiation damage.

Players must use all the accessories and weapons at their disposal to stay alive. As a general rule of thumb, players must maintain their food and drink, health, and radiation levels to continue their mission.

Players are provided with helpful items like attachments for firearms, armor, and many types of health items. All these tools will prove to be essential in completing the game successfully.

There are no separated solo or single-squad modes in Unturned. Here, single players can join other teams and help them fulfill their mission objectives.

Also, it doesn’t require teams to fight each other because the zombies are the enemy and not the other squad. Multiple players can all be winners, and you stand a good chance of being the winner when you collaborate with other teams. Automatically, the last person alive or the last team standing wins the game.

How To Play Unturned

This game shares similar features with Minecraft, which involves crafting and creating items with the materials you are provided with. Unturned is more of an action shooter game where you defend yourself and your team from zombies.

The game takes place in a zombie-infested world where an infectious disease takes over the city. As you defend yourself, you scavenge for food, water, resources, and equipment to help you survive zombie attacks.

While you meet other players and teams, you are encouraged to build a friendly relationship with them and work together to achieve a common goal – which is defending and helping each other survive.

Where Can I Play Unturned?

The developers behind Unturned have made it available for players using the following platform:

  • Nintendo Switch.
  • Xbox One.
  • Xbox Series.
  • PlayStation 4.
  • PlayStation 5.
  • Linux.
  • Mac.
  • Microsoft Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Unturned Free to Play?

Unturned uses a free-to-play model.

How Many People Are Playing Unturned Right Now?

Our data records show that there are over 85,000 people playing Unturned on all available platforms. More than half of the player population uses a PC.

How Many People Play Unturned Every Day?

Over 60,622 players play unturned daily.

Is Unturned on Steam?

Unturned is available on Steam, where it can be downloaded for free.

Can I play Unturned on Mac?

If you use a Mac computer, especially one with an M1 chip, you should be able to play Unturned on your device. To play Unturned, open or log in to your Steam account, download the game, and start playing.

Is Unturned Dead?

Unturned isn’t dead. Thousands of active players play Unturned frequently, and the game still attracts thousands of new players every month.

One common thing about zombie-filled games and movies is that they come with a lot of suspense. Unturned is a thrilling game for anyone who wants an action game with a little horror.

We will update this post every month to keep you abreast of the latest Unturned player count. Don’t forget to check the player count of other video games below:

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